I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Friday, March 10, 2017

It's a snowy day here in Central Pa, melting on the roads but not on the grass.  Went to Giant earlier, may have been my last time... I had coupons.  Will probably hit the gas station at least one more time, I have .10 a gallon of gas.
Last night was interesting, to say the least.  One of my fellow associates told me that she's pregnant - she already has 3 so this will be her 4th... with 3 different fathers.  She told one of the paint associates she let herself get pregnant because her current 'boyfriend' wants to father a child.  Stupid woman, or maybe she's smart.  She's already getting  support for her other 3, and, most likely down the road she'll be getting support for this one.  She owns her home, a little ranch house, the result of a former marriage settlement.  So, maybe she has a future working part-time.
The jobs report for the last month is in and it looks good (don't you hate when that happens).  However, the replacement for Obamacare is... well, not going so well.  There is legislation, but remember, these are Republicans.  They had a chance to work with a Obama on health care and refused, said they were going to provide their own legislation and totally failed.  So I'm sure the Idiot in the White house will used the Job Report to try and cover up the bloodbath.  And I'm serious about that... the bloodbath.

I also had a chance to watch the first episode of Feud, you know, the thing about Bette and Joan.  I actually liked it, from Joan's plastic seat covers to Bette's constant smoking.  I've always been a Bette fan, more so than Joan, who was a movie star who desperately wanted to be seen as an actress.  Bette was an actress, through and through.  That spotlight at the end, on Bette in her Baby Jane makeup?  That whole scene said it all.