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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

When it rains, it pours

We had thunderstorms overnight.  I heard them... vaguely, so the thunder must have been loud since I can sleep through most noise.  I haven't checked the buckets out back yet, so I've no idea how much rain fell.  Our high today is supposed to top off at around 88 (F), and except for a spotty shower this morning, no rain is in the forecast.  The rest of the week is another story.  As the month continues, more and more it's looking like a replay of the last 2 years, the April showers held off until May.

Yesterday was busy.  Much was accomplished.  

I've begun disassembling the sofa which has a recliner on each end.  I was worried about how easy it was going to come apart, but everything seems bolted together.  I should have one of the ends totally removed by the time I head in to work today.

I also got a 12 mile ride in on the bike yesterday.  It was a new ride, in Kansas, which is flat, and very boring.  I'll probably not ride it again.  It's on a big screen TV and I want to be able to see the scenery, yesterday, there was nothing.  It might be a good ride if you just want to work on speed.

It seems as though one of the school board members at the Cumberland Valley High School has resigned.  He was one of those who voted against having Maulik Pancholy talk about bullying and was upset that the school board voted to reinvite him to speak.  There was a public meeting and many, many parents showed up and complained about their original decision.  He doesn't believe that parents have any business telling the school board how to do their jobs.  While I didn't check his political affiliation, I'd bet money on his being not only a Republican, but a white Evangelical as well.

And while it didn't rain here yesterday afternoon, it did in a New York City courthouse.

Can you hear me laughing?  She was rather explicit in her testimony, so much so, that the judge seemed to seriously consider a mistrial.  That would be a bad thing.  While we all want to listen and laugh at the salacious details of her one night stand with the Orange Turd (her words, not mine), her answers need to be specific to the question being asked.  Verbal asides may be funny, but they do need to be pertinent to the case.  Still, I'd say those Americans following Trump's election interference case, were quite satisfied to see his nose publicly rubbed in his own shit.

Other things that popped up yesterday was the fact that the Orange Turd now has a campaign event during his son Barron's graduation.  Wow.  Like is that any surprise?  Remember the big stink he raised about not being able to attend.  In the eyes of the voting public, I suspect this hurts him worse than Stormy's testimony,.

Also, in the Indiana primary, Nikki Haley took 22% of the vote.  Those people who cast their ballots for her will not be voting for Trump in November.


  1. Im like you and sleep through was very loud thunder.

    Friends of mine say the school board down there is ready to implode. There is all kinds of inbiting. Im sure the community is ready to vote them all out. They don't like making national news like this.

    1. The county is changing, and in a way the conservatives hate.

  2. Mr Drapp should concern himself with his own bigotry. Hard to believe he is a retired US Navy captain, one has to wonder how many navy careers he either ruined or destroyed. In his resignation letter he goes on about the guest speaker’s supposed support of violent protest, sure Jan ! Deflection anyone?

    1. Isn't that how it always is? They stomp their feet and point their fingers at someone else because how could they be wrong.

  3. Poor VonShitizHisPants. Even his cursing didn't go unnoticed by the judge!

    1. I understand he kept saying, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

  4. It’s like that song from the sixties-
    Oh Stormy bring back that sunny day !