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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Donnie and the Teleprompter

 We're up to Wednesday and the nice weather's supposed to hold until sometime this afternoon, when thunderstorms are supposed to arrive.  Thunder boomers are expected to be a nuisance both today and tomorrow, however the temps are predicted to stay warm.  Warm is fine.

Much ended up being accomplished yesterday, that doesn't happen to always be the case.  You know the adage about the best laid plans?  Yesterday they were successful.  A section of my hardwood floor where a large splinter had come out years ago was patched.  The living room tank was cleaned.  Dishes were done.  Rooms were cleaned.

The only disappointment was that the sofa I dismantled and carried out to the curb is still sitting there.  I will call the township office later this morning and complain.  

I also, finally, got back to working on The Body in History late in the afternoon.  One of the things I did was research which word was better taberna or taverna, one is Italian and one is Greek.  Can you guess which is which?  This doesn't mean that I'm finished working on the audio version of The Body on the Lawn.  Later this morning I will need to increase the Kbps to 192.  Apparently that's the magic number Audible requires for the audio book to be played on a large variety of devices.

Last night's dinner was Chicken Cacciatore, it was delicious.  I made enough so I have 4 more meals sitting in the refrigerator.

Early yesterday morning Donnie Dementia posted a video to his Truth Social account promising a "unified Reich" once he gets elected.  Of course, it was taken down shortly after being posted, however, he'd already accomplished what he wanted to do: send a message to those far right fascist groups who want total control.  Do not think this was not his intention.  Something you should realize, Trump hates America because it rejected him in 2020.  This is why he lies about winning.  And, why he lies about voter fraud.  Losing makes him a failure, one thing his feeble mind cannot accept.  To be successful, he will do whatever he feels is necessary, which means turning to the far right, the Christian Nationalists, and American Nazis.  He doesn't care if he manages to initiate a civil war; everything is on the table in order for him to prove himself successful.  Lucky for us he has a lot of serious problems, including dementia.  He will never debate Biden because he needs a teleprompter to keep his speeches somewhat sane.  It has become a necessity for him, without it, he's status as a loser is on full display.


  1. That chicken cacciatore looks delish!
    And you know the only possible exit to all of Cheeto's problems is becoming a dictator. There's not much to see there.
    He wants to be Xi or Vlad. He's also up to his nose in crime, so publishing Nazi videos is a way to rile up the White Supremacists and the fringe Right. And still people ask why they should vote for Uncle Joe..
    The whole teleprompter thing was baffling to anybody who doesn't think he's sundowning.


    1. It's not the first time. We should pay attention as to whether his rallies begin starting earlier in the day.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm think that Von Shitzinpantz has lost his allur.

  3. Now I've got the movie Shirley Valentine on my brain. Loved that movie, though I suspect it's a woman's movie rather than a man's!

    1. I can't remember ever seeing it, I'll see if it's streaming.

  4. Repugs have always embraced fascism since Charles Lindbergh and Father Coughlin back in the 1930’s. Donnie is misunderstood according to repugs, just like Hitler was misunderstood. :(