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Sunday, May 5, 2024

Dead Americans

 Say hello to a drizzly Sunday.  Yepper!  We're in the middle of a long, soaking rain which will continue throughout most of the day.  Temps are moderate, cold enough on occasion for the heat to turn on.  Yes, that's right, unlike some people, I didn't turn the furnace off for the season.  Last year, spring was cool and rainy, and it seems as though I've learned my lesson.  Also, for the past few years, we've received more rain in May than we did in April, even though April showers are supposed to bring May flowers.

I got loads done yesterday, including another 11 mile ride on the bike in San Remo.  One thing that's different with my bike rides is that I no longer listen to music.  Instead, I've started listening to lectures.  I made the attempt to listen to podcasts, but could get interested two or three people having a conversation about a subject I didn't find interesting.  I don't have that problem with lectures.  Perhaps it's the eternal student in me, always finding interest in learning new things.  Right now, as some of you might suspect, it's a series of lectures on ancient Greece.  

This morning my narrators sent me chapters 2 and 3 to listen to, unfortunately I do have to work today, so I'll have to listen to them this evening when I get home.  There have been a few changes that I've suspected, but not many.  His pacing is quite good.  The Body on the Lawn, even though it has less words than The Body Under Ice, will no doubt be closer to 8 hours in length, 3 hours longer than The Body Under Ice.  This has all been a valuable learning experience.

And I thought this to be very funny.

And that is not Mike Pence holding the sign

Evidently, Trump had a private fund raiser last evening and during his ramblings likened the Biden administration to the Gestapo.  He has already stated that he will not accept the results of the 2024 election if he loses.  This rhetoric should frighten you, because in his mind it is all about saving his ass.  He needs to win in order for him to have full immunity from all of his charges.  This is really about saving his ass, and if he needs to goad his cultists into starting a war to do so, he will.  I'm sure he will be quite pleased if his cultists give their lives in order to sustain his freedom.  He is a businessman, after all, and dead Americans would be a small price to pay for him to be the ultimate CEO.


  1. He's running FROM jail not FOR president.

    1. And sadly, being helped by certain groups in the media who are more interested in clicks and subscribers than anything else.

  2. And here I thought today was to be more rainy...yesterday was rain all day, but luckily, I was in the potting shed planting pots and listening to the radio.

    When I read Liz Cheney's book her closing line was a warning about trump and not accepting the results...

  3. Ha, that photo is funny but I wonder if anyone might have been tempted to take a swerve at him!

    1. He's far enough back from the street I don't think he has too much to worry about.