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Friday, May 10, 2024

Bonus Points

 A steady, drizzling rain began yesterday afternoon, the sort of thing we call a soaker, and it hasn't really stopped.  Temps dropped.  We're now in the mid 50s (F), and the weather forecasters say this is where we're going to hang for the rest of the day.  Good thing I didn't pack my sweatpants and shirts for the summer.  I'd just sit home and wait it out, but I'm running low on milk and bread, so later I'll be heading out to my local Giant supermarket.

Speaking of Giant, they did not bring back the super bonus point deals. That's a shame.  It means buying gas for the car is going to get pricier.  This is corporate greed.  The bonus points could not only be used to buy gas, but to buy groceries as well.  The few bonus points you provide, the more people have to spend.

Retail was slow yesterday as well, for the most part.  They are really pushing us to get leads and measure, for a lead, you sign up a customer to have someone go to their home and try and sell, them doors, or windows, or sign them up for a hot water heater installation.  Measures are when you sign them up to have a measure tech go to their homes and measure for carpet, or doors, windows.  Measures and leads are seen as guaranteed sales. They push measures and leads all the time, but mostly during the slow months of winter.  Not anymore.  If we make plan for the day, it's usually because some customer has purchased an installation.  People just aren't spending the money they used to spend. 

I made an appointment yesterday to have them pick up the dog sofa in 2 weeks.  Waste Management will do it for free, but it does need to be disassembled for them to do so.  This is what it looks like now.  Oh, and I'm also going to be getting rid of those ugly area rugs.  I bought them when they were on clearance, $29 each.  

Stormy testified again yesterday.  That woman is nobody's fool.  She has painted so many terrible pictures I don't want to think about, scared they'd stick in my brain for ever, like Donald Trump in silk pajamas, or even worse, in boxer shorts.  I probably shouldn't have written then, because now you'll think about them too, and those images will be stuck in your head for all of eternity.

Of course, people are also talking about the Orange Anus and his meeting with the CEOs of the Big Oil companies... and the promise he made them, to gut the EPA, all for the price of a measly billion dollars.  Reports say he said the money was to be used by his campaign, well, we know that's a lie.  He has legal bills that ought to be paid and he's already using campaign funding for that purpose.  And I say ought to be paid because he has a bad habit of not paying, if fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't offer them bonus points in lieu of payment.


  1. Well, that's good that they pick up the sofa, even if it has to be disassembled (it kinda makes sense because this is an old one). I imagine they'll take the rugs, too.
    And Stormy is nobody's fool. That woman has a backbone. I couldn't believe all the slut shaming that Cheeto's lawyer dumped on her. But her comebacks? Fab. The inclusion of 'Orange Turd' in the record? Priceless.
    And of course Jabba the Orange asked for money from the oil companies (the same that will hike the price at the Giant Eagle). He NEEDS that money. Let's see how it goes not that it's out. Bet the MAGAts are gonna say: "What? It's good business!". Ugh.


    1. For someone who claims to be a billionaire, he sure does seem to need people to give him money.

  2. One more time Hair Furor tells you he wants to help the rich and fuck everyone else.
    Believe him.

    1. I think most people know that by now, at least the sane ones, the Cultists? They'll give him whatever he wants.

  3. I didn't watch the news or hear about anything of the trial, for that exact reason I don't need to see a visual of her or Trump!

    1. I don't watch the news, but to I do get it from the internet, and I'm enjoying the fact that he's having such a terrible time right now.