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Wednesday, May 1, 2024

The Same as it ever was

 We're in for another steamy day here in Central PA, though by steamy I actually mean warm. Upper 80s (F) is what they're forecasting.  Tomorrow, too, though tomorrow's high might be a record breaker.  They had predicted showers yesterday, but that never happened.  We had a lot of wind around 7ish last evening, but that's about it.

I cut a few branches out of my one river birch tree yesterday and was going to weed wack the outside of my fence, except the wacker battery wasn't charged.  Now it's charged, yesterday it was sitting on a shelf on my back porch.  Because I'm working today and tomorrow afternoon, the wacking will have to wait until Friday.  Rain is predicted to arrive in the area, but not until this weekend.

Are the extra hours at work effecting me?  Ehhh, not really.  I was, as my grandma would say, "nappy," yesterday, but I still managed to get in a 10 mile bike ride.  Oh, and I put the small window A/C unit in the exercise room.  That will keep the room from smelling like a locker room later on this summer.

I'm going to be making a Greek cheese pie with phyllo later on this morning, except I'm thinking of adding a layer of slice tomatoes.  I guess that would mean it isn't completely Greek.

The Body in Motion is now available for purchase!

An amusing thing about myself and how I prioritize my time, is that when I'm not working, I spend less time on my phone, and the lest time I spend with my phone, the frequency I'm looking at social media drops.  So, what happened yesterday?  Well, there was a special election in New York (?) in which one Democrat replaced another.  The Democrats said they would keep Mike Johnson from being fired by the far right, no doubt because he's realized Democracy depends upon compromise.  Trump was in court again.  There are a lot of bad pictures of him heading into the courthouse.  As usual, he spouts his standard whine whenever he gets a chance.  

Oh, here's biggy.  Hunter Biden's going to sue Fox.  Will that tabloid media group ever learn?  Absolutely not.  It's the same as it ever was.


  1. I thought it was funny the judge slapped a $9,000 fine of the dump in contempt of court on his gag order. But just why it took nine times to finally do it is beyond me. Like everyone....everybody let's him get away with shit for too long.

    I plan to do some planting of a few more rose bushes tonight after work.

    1. I might get some done tomorrow before I go to work, this is a weird week for me, I'm starting at noon rather than 1 or 2

  2. Congrats on The Body!
    And The Orange Fool is running his mouth in Michigan as I type. There's a Dark Brandon account literally splicing his fuckery and posting it on twitter and mocking him mercilessly.
    The whole Moses Mike debacle is pure Repug fuckery. Marge Three Names is screeching around threatening him. Fun.
    And I think Hunter may have a case... I hope he sues Faux and gets a ton of dough.


    1. I do believe Fox thinks he has a case, too, because all of a sudden his name seems to have disappeared from their dance card.

  3. We've got some new plants going in on the walkway to the house, and some new azaleas along the back fence for privacy.

    1. I like azaleas and usually plant them in among my marigolds.