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Saturday, May 25, 2024

For Generations

 So, how does the Memorial Day weekend begin?  With the forecast for thunderstorms today, tomorrow, and Monday.  Will storms put in an appearance?  Possibly. They were supposed to show up on Thursday and stayed away.  One thing I have noticed about the latest predictions is the use of the word "hot."  Today is supposed to be "hot," but the high is only expected to reach 87 (F).  To me, that's not hot.  97 (F) would be hot.  It's not hot until I have to turn on the Central Air.

Speaking of hot, has anyone heard if Florida and Texas are still super hot?  Boy, those babies will be cooking by the time July and August roll around.

I did get much accomplished yesterday.  The lawn was mowed.  I took the weed wacker into the dog yard (that fenced in area) and cut that back.  Now I'll be able to mow the entire thing with my lawn mower.  I worked on the writing room floor, mopping the entire thing with Murphy's Oil Soap.  Lying down on it, though, I think I could still smell a bit of dog.  I have some spray cleaner that should eliminate that, and, as a last resort, I can put down another layer of polyurethane.  

Swatches arrived with sofa fabrics, and I'm going to go with a brown velvet.  It will coordinate with the drapes and will pop on the yellow area rug.  It's also going to be great at camouflaging dog hair.  

Being a holiday weekend, things will most likely be rather quiet on the political front.  I'm thinking that might be a good thing.  Things are quite turbulent.  America is restless.  While growing up, I had been taught that history was broken up into 2 parts, BC (Before Christ) and AD (After Christ).  Well, that was changed a while back to BCE (Before Current Era) and CE (Current Era).  Christ was taken out of the picture since for a vast majority of peoples in the world he is irrelevant.  In the United States, I don't doubt we, too, will speak of eras, splitting our history into 2 parts: BT (Before Trump) and AT (After Trump).  He has become historically relevant, not because he is good for the country, rather it is the polarizing effect he creates.  He will lose the election this November and about 45 % of the population will be upset, and those losers, like those who loved the Confederacy, will be around for generations.


  1. Please, to whatever being might exist, let there be an "AT".

    1. I don't doubt there will be an AT, and I don't think it will be one the Republicans are ready to accept.