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Friday, February 16, 2024

What's a Republican to do?

 It's Friday, which means that this truly is my Friday and I get to go to work tomorrow... possibly... maybe.  They're calling for snow to start this evening and end tomorrow morning with a possible accumulation of 3 - 6 inches.  Right now the sun is blazing in through my window.  Last night we had wind.  Lots of wind.  So loud I could hear it rattling the old windows on the 2nd floor (ground floor windows have all been replaced).

Yesterday was one of semi-accomplishment.  I did go for a row around Lake Como in Italy.  The video was clear, but the camera operator hugged a shore line covered with bushes.  Not much to see, which is a shame since Lake Como is beautiful.

And I watched the first 3 episode of Halo last night.  I enjoy the show, probably because it's a lot less like the video game and more like a Sci-Fi epic.  I find it interesting that the evil alien race, the one attempting to exterminate humanity, is called the Covenant.  Here's the trailer for season 2.

And did everybody hear the hoo, hoo, ha, has racing across... well the internet, and social media platforms, and media outlet's yesterday?  Well, to be honest, there were Republicans grimacing terribly when the news broke that Jimmy Comey's star witness in the Hunter Biden uncrime saga had been arrest for lying.  Yep!  A Trump appointee by the name of Weiss arrested Alexander Smirnov for lying to the FBI.  For those who aren't familiar, it was Al's original statement to the FBI that old Republican duffer Chuck Grassley wanted released to the public because it was so explosive.  What's a Republican to do?  They so desperately want to push the fiction of the Biden Crime family and yet every one of their witnesses turns out to be a liar.  Instead of working on legislation America could appreciate, this Republican Congress has spent far to much time suckling on the Trump's retaliation teat.  They evidently have never learned that everything Trump touches dies.


  1. Ohhh
    I watched the whole first season for Halo and I liked it. I’ve never played the game, but the series sucked me right in. Also, the protagonist is yummy.
    The whole Burisma thing was transparent from the jump: a lie, made up and created to try to equate uncle Joe with Cheeto.
    And today Jabba the Orange may get more bad news. Sweet.



    1. The game is very different. So, your a Pablo Schreiber fan, eh? And, it's not to late to buy stock in Hunts!

  2. I can tell you what some Republicans can do find a tall bridge and jump!

    And having just been to Lake Como I can attest to its stunning natural beauty. It was so pretty it almost looked otherworldly.

    1. Jump, yeah, from a high bridge into a shallow stream.

  3. The Republicans are broken shards in Trump's shattered mirror of a mind. -Rj

  4. Did you get to see Clooney's house on Lake Como? You could have given him a wave - he might have invited you in for a coffee!