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Monday, February 12, 2024

Run Away! Run Away!

 Snow Watch!  Looks like we might be getting some February weather... maybe.  And while some might be sitting at the window staring out in anticipation of that first snow flake, I will not.  Temps are predicted to drop into the upper 20s (F) tonight while the snow is falling, but they're going to be warming up into the 40s (F) tomorrow afternoon.  I don't doubt that what we do get will need to be shoveled, but how much shoveling is in question since one forecast says 1 - 3 inches, and another says 2 - 6 inches, and that's a big difference.  

Retail yesterday was, as expected, slow.  Even still, I managed to get 2 measures and and sell $2000 in vinyl plank flooring.  My 5 measures last week and $10,000 sales are keeping management happy; I'm receiving a 2 gift cards today.  When I punched out yesterday, there were possibly 5 customers in the store, and the parking lot was very empty.  So, I spent a lot of time scrolling through my phone, talking to fellow associates who didn't call off (there were a number of those), and getting my steps in.  Over 11,000 steps!  meaning I traversed the store a number of times.

And I did see this, which I found funny.

For those who don't get the reference, here's the video explaining the bunny.  Run away!  Run away!

And, of course, the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl.  Not surprising, the Moral Degenerate, Trump posted some sort of congratulatory BS on Truth Social.  No doubt one of his minions had told him that Taylor Swift has much more appeal to women voters than Kid Rock.  There is a rising fear among the conservatives that Taylor might endorse Biden, and I don't doubt some of them are desperately praying for a Holy Hand Grenade.  Well, it isn't going to come.  They're delusional dreams of a socially conservative America are dying faster than Monty Python's knights.  They haven't gotten to the point where they're going to start shrieking "run away,! run away!" but it's close at hand.


  1. Haha
    Oh, I actually watched some of the game. I usually do the half time show and I stayed cause it was very close. And yes, Cheeto is now trying to gain some indulgences but you just know the Swifties could bury him. I don't think Taylor is going to endorse Ucle Joe directly, but you know that she'll tell the Swifties to register to vote and they WILL. It's girls and the gayz. They will not vote for Jabba the Orange.


  2. Yes, I thought I had heard some kind of big game or something was on last night.