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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Bottom of the Barrel

 What a bright, sunny Tuesday we have outside!  Temps are cold.  When I woke up my thermometer was at 23 (F), which is quite chilly.  Afternoon temps, however, are supposed to climb into the mid 40s (F).  For those counting, we have 28 days until Spring, and I'm certain we'll breeze through them rather fast.

Lily's feeling better this morning.  She rousted herself out of bed to go downstairs for her morning "potty outside."  She snacked on her breakfast, and then did what she's been doing for quite some time now, went back to bed.  On an average, senior dogs sleep between 18 and 20 hours per day, and she's definitely a senior dog.

Work was... odd yesterday.  I had a nice window blind sale go through, after some hiccoughs with getting the quote to print correctly.  I also have a very large flooring sale going through.  There was a problem with that one, too, due to a large dip in their floor (3/4 inch).  The customer told me that she and her husband knew there was a dip in the floor, but they never realized how much of a dip they had.  This is true with so many customers.  They don't understand that you foot is flexible and bends in order to make you stand upright.

And, of course, there was political humor yesterday.  In fact, I'm still chortling away.  Things like this:

The idea of Lara Trump becoming co-chair of the RNC is rattling a number of people in the GOP, and not just because she's a bimbo.  As I said before, even with her partially in charge, funds are going to be skimmed... well, maybe skimmed is not the right word.  How's openly stolen?  All those cultists gleefully sending money to Trump's campaign will actually be paying his legal bills, and his fines, and for ketchup by the truckload.

But the funniest thing yesterday was seeing that Historians rank Trump as the worse president of all time.  Not only did the Internet explode, but so, too, did media outlets.  The Fox Propaganda Outlet was furious, all the while praying that their shitty indignation would increase their ratings.  Like the sneakers picture above, there was bountiful laughter bouncing around in the form of memes, many of the anything but kind.  And, if you take this just a tiny step farther, his rating applies as well to his party, the dying RNC.  

Adding just a little bit of spice to this presidential rating, is that Reagan not listed as being too good, either.  Conservatives love him because he tried to give them what they want, unfortunately, that was at the expense of the rest of the country.  Conservatives are a minority group.  It's time they learned their place in America.


  1. Reagan was an asshole. Will never forget he was the one that let AIDS run rampant. Only spoke at the end, when he had nothing to lose. Idiot.
    And I also cackled with that meme. The stupidity of the MAGAts who complain about the price of eggs and go and buy sneakers worth a few dollars priced at hundreds of dollars from a con man. They'll never get them. They forgot to read the small print.

    And I can totally believe older dogs sleep all that.


    1. Reagans began the Republican cluster and Trump's going to end it.

  2. That sneaker picture actually had me roaring. Damn gaudy looking things. But then look who inspired them.

  3. Those sneakers have made me laugh out loud, literally, more than once! What a clown car shitshow.

    And Reagan sucked.

  4. ...the dear RNC all wrapped in the American flag while selling America out. The so-called free trade deals decimated industry and destroyed entire communities; the trickledown Reaganomics has gradually destroyed the middle class and the Neo-Con foreign policies of Bush have left us reeling in the Middle East and with the inflation of today after spending trillions on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And now they have given us dumpster-fire, treasonous Trump. But then again what do you to expect of the GOP and the RNC, after all they gave us Harding and Teapot Dome, Hoover and the Great Depression, Nixon and Watergate and puppet Ronnie with Irangate and the S&L scandal.
    The shitfest that keeps throwing. -Rj

    1. History proves that Republicans destroy the economy, Democrats fix it.

  5. When I wanted to redo my downstairs floor, they had to completely concrete over it (do you call that aggregate?) as it was so uneven and only THEN could they lay the tiles. Shame as I liked the floor but the kitchen was so spoiled by a leaky dishwasher that I had to redo the whole lot!

  6. That's floor leveling. After selling flooring for almost 5 years, I can tell you that dishwashers leak more than most people think, an it always means a new floor.