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Friday, February 23, 2024

America's Duty

 Even though it's Friday, I keep feeling as though it's Saturday.  Don't ask me why.

The skies are overcast.  Temps are supposed to climb in to the high 40s (F), and there are showers on the way.  Notice, that's showers, not rain, nothing that could be considered a steady soaker.  Tomorrow, temps are predicted to cool off, slightly, but the the warm air the Midwest has been having will begin to move through the area.

I got a measure yesterday for cellular blinds.  The young lady wants one, and it needs to be motorized because the window is too high to reach.  The motorization is going to add about $350 to her bill.  

And while I quite enjoy talking to older people, it's not all of them.  Some people want you to feel sorry for them, it's how they convince themselves that they're special.  Take the older woman I overheard at the post office the other day.  She wanted a Post Office Box, but only for 1 month (you have to rent them for at least 3 months).  She whined this story to the clerk: her husband died suddenly 2 months ago leaving her with a large townhouse that was too big for her, so she decided to sell it and move into an apartment.  However, (and this is a big one), she couldn't move into the new apartment for 30 days, and the closing on her house sale was in 2 days and she needed to be out.  And she definitely wanted those standing nearby to feel sorry for her bad planning.  I listened, and said nothing, as the line behind her grew to at least 7 people.  Finishing my business, I left, and I can tell you, the faces on those waiting were not happy.

When I got home last evening, I found the Lade of the House down on the sofa.  She ate her dinner, did her business outside, and then went back upstairs to bed.  I've decided that Lily is going to play the part of the semi-invalid for as long as she can.  

And what about Alabama?  Is a fertilized egg a person?

Of course not.  But this is what happens when you put the Crazy Cracker Jack Christians in charge.  This is the the religious extremism you see in Iran, except this crazy is in America.  In the 3 days since the Alabama Supreme Court ruled fertilized eggs are people, the country has been in an uproar.  It is the Republican party, the GOP, that has enabled these lunatics, and they are out of control.  The party needs to be taken out of power.  All you need do is look at the House of Representatives to see the GOP can not govern.  In fact, they don't really want to govern, they just want to say "Shut up!  We're in charge!"  And it is every American's duty to take what little power they have away from them.


  1. I'm willing to bet that lots of couples who can afford IVF have been Republican voters. Definitely the case here in the South. I hope they enjoy the consequences of what they've brought about! I'm sorry for the rest of us, though. This shit gets nuttier and nuttier.

    1. This is a really big problem for the GOP, and demonstrates their "shut up, we're in charge," mentality. At this point, they are so out of touch with America it's ridiculous.

  2. When the news first broke about the fertilized egg thing, I immediately thought Southern State or Texas. If people don't see how crazy the Republican party is getting then they must be blind and stupid. We're just about 2" from the TV show a handmaid's tale at this point. And again like abortion it should be up to each individual woman and doctor. If she doesn't want the eggs she should be able to do what she wants with them. These people need to mind their own f****** business. And if it's all because of their religious beliefs, it shouldn't matter if you ,I ,or the lady down the street is going to hell... worry about your own damn relationship with the so-called God .

    1. Actually, when I heard the news I laughed. Republicans would love to believe we're 2" away from The Handmaid's Tale, of course, they're wrong, Americans are looking at them wondering how such extremists ever managed to get elected in the first place.