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Thursday, February 8, 2024

Rowing on Lake Mead

 So it's Thursday.  The spring-like temps continue.  Today we're predicted to hit the mid 50s (F), which is not bad for mid February.  Long range forecasts have our temps dropping back down into something considered more normal by next week, of course we all know how reliable long range forecasts are.

I finished playing Starfield last night by becoming Starborn.  As with most Role Playing Games, Bethesda is looking for replay value, the incentive for players to play the game again.  With Starfield, you can replay the main storyline again, or you can do other things, I chose other things.  While I did lose all of my weapons, I did retain all of my traits and abilities.  To make it interesting, as a Starborn, I've transitioned into a new universe (part of a multiverse scenario), so while they original characters are still there, they've changed.  In one universe, some of the good guys are now bad, so while the quests remain the same, you're dealing with an entirely new world.  How long will I continue to play?  Well, that all depends on when I get bored.  I might find a nice comfy planet and start building a settlement.

I tried a combo workout yesterday, rowing and then cycling.  The result was interesting.  It was the first time I'd used the laptop on the new stand, and it didn't roll as easily as I had been expecting.  I'm ambidextrous with a lot of things, working a mouse isn't one... yet, all I have to do is practice.  I did get to row with a gentleman named Kevin Scott, who has decent videos on that Kinomap I signed up for.  Yesterday he and I were rowing in Lake Mead.  What makes his videos interesting is that he changes the direction of the camera, so for a while you're seeing where you're going, and then for a short time you're watching him row.  Here's a teaser of him rowing in Tahiti.  As you might expect, it's a teaser to get you to sign up for Kinomap.

And the Supreme Court get's to hear arguments today on whether states can kick Trump off of the ballot.  This is not the same as when they have to decide if he has immunity, if they even take that hot potato.  I find the entire thing fascinating.  Conservatives so desperately want the court to give them a pat on the head (that's why they loaded it), however they are a minority.  While they did backflips of joy when Rove v Wade was overturned, it has cost them elections, which shows just how shortsighted they are.  Ballot initiatives enshrining abortion rights in state constitutions are easily passing, ripping their joy from their dark, tiny hearts.  Even in Florida, that Cracker Jack Crazy land of DeSantis, the state Supreme Court look dubiously at Republicans efforts to keep on such initiative off of the ballot.  Florida conservatives are going to fail.  Can you hear me laughing?


  1. Ugh.
    I'm nervous about today's decision. The amount of fuckery that Cheeto has gotten away with is astounding.
    And the Repugs are in disarray because a LOT depends on today's ruling and on the immunity ruling (citizen Cheeto does not have a lot there, no?)


    1. One of the many problems with Republicans is that they put all of their eggs in one basket, and then they gave it to Trump who dropped it off a cliff.