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Saturday, February 10, 2024

Of a Certain Age

 Well, hello sunny Saturday!  If you're in central PA, you want to enjoy it while you can since the clouds are already rolling in.  Temps are going to climb into the low 60s (F).  Drizzle will dampen us this afternoon, and temps will begin a slow, but consistent drop, like the rain that will be falling later in the day.  Right now, however, the sun is blasting brightness in through the workout room window.

I do get to go work this afternoon.  So, I'll be sitting at the flooring desk when our spring-like weather declines.  Will I be busy?  Hhhmm, probably not.  We're in the middle of the February doldrums, when cold weather and the idea of having your doors open for an extended period of time, dissuades many from paying for any sort of installation or renovation.  Not every body.  There are those who might still consider have blinds hung.

We're also beginning to sell custom-made area rugs again.  Can you hear the excitement in my voice?

And I started installing my kitchen floor yesterday.  Rather than spending time on my knees, my biggest issue (and not problem) is making all the cuts to the tiles.  Supposedly, you can use an exacta-knife, or some other sharp blade to make the cuts on the tiles and then break them.  That don't work for me.  My straight edge keeps sliding so the cut is never... straight.  Instead, I'm using a miter saw to cut them.  I find it amusing that after the instructions spend several sentences telling you how to cut tiles for the installation, there's this throwaway tag line letting you know that if the knife doesn't work, you should use a jig saw or a miter saw.  Duh. If they know the blade isn't going to cut deep enough, why talk about it?  Here's what about 36 square feet looks like.  I will do the rest next week.

And, of course, Democrats are still flipping out over Hur's (the special counsel looking at Biden's document issue) comments about his mental acuity.  No matter how much they want to point their fingers and shout he was appointed by Trump, and is a loyalist to Trump, they should have been expecting this.  Biden's age is the Democratic elephant in the room.  They should have been prepared for something like this, and they weren't.  Now there are Republicans claiming he should be removed using the 25th amendment because of this.  Democrats should have known this was a card the Republicans were going to play, and while both parties can play dirty politics, Republicans are masters at that game.

My personal opinion:  Biden should have seen himself as a caretaker president and laid the groundwork for someone younger, say a Newsome, instead of convincing himself that his age was not going to be a problem.


  1. Your kitchen is really looking great! Love the floor tiles and the subtle design and colors. You have a good eye!

    Sadly I am back to stressing about the election. Democrats need a team of very good PR people. Who can even say a single thing the VP has done? Does she appear to be presidential? Not to the masses. They don’t have to play dirty. Just start bragging and educating. Sigh.

    1. Thanks for the compliment. And this is an age old problem for Democrats, they need to aggressively push their achievements. They've gotten better at it, but they do need to bring their "good deeds" swat team.

  2. Biden's mental decline is scary - and very obvious now, sadly. He was apparently in talks with Mitterand last month, which is weird 'cos he died in 1996! Now anyone can make a mistake but I think they're having a harder time covering for him now. Time to move on. Love the kitchen floor by the way!

    1. I agree with your about Biden's age, however I think the alternative candidate would be worse. I like the floor, too, unfortunately it will end up being covered with area rugs because it doesn't provide good traction to dog's feet.