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Monday, February 19, 2024

President's Day

 Ah, on this sunny Monday President's Day, it's going to be a short entry.  I slept in until 7 and need to be at work by 9:30.  And it is Sunny.  Not only are the days growing longer, we've only got 28 days of the winter season to work through.  

Lily had an episode last evening.  A little panting, not much, like Biggie with his Cushing's Disease.  Many senior dogs get Cushing's, unlike Biggie, most aren't diagnosed until very late in life, and after diagnosis, they can be expected to live for another 1 - 2 years.  Lily's 10 and a half.  Average lifespan for a Boxer is 11.3 years.  This morning I got her downstairs to go potty outside, and when I went into the kitchen, wouldn't you know it, but that sneaky little lady went back upstairs and got back on the bed.  It's not her heart, it's her breathing.

And, yesterday at the flooring desk, it was rather busy in the morning.  I had a small blind sale.  No measures.   But I did get a lead from the most delightful little, senior Japanese woman.  I find myself chatting more and more with seniors, probably because I'm becoming one.  Believe me, most of them like to talk, and sometimes I get the feeling that people don't talk to them enough.  Just because you're getting up there in years, doesn't mean you've lost your ability to be social.  We are all, or at least everyone that I know, social animals.  Talking is good for you soul.  Maybe that's why my books have so much dialog.  You can describe someone and their actions from here to high heaven, but it's what they say that truly reveals their character.

And, since it's President's Day, I'm posting a presidential picture.

And, since it is President's Day, I thought I'd refrain from talking about the Orange Anus... except for one thing.  He is now considered the worst president we've ever had.  You'll get no argument from me on that.


  1. Happy President's Day to Uncle Joe!
    And Cheeto was not ranked lower because he had no place to go. You know he's busy with his black marker right now trying to write Obama's name below his... LOL
    And when does one become a Senior Citizen (TM)?


    1. Someone should tell the OA there's a nifty way to remove sharpie or marker ink. 70 - 85 is the senior age, after you hit 85 you're considered elderly.

  2. Well done for chatting with that lady. I remember reading my cooking magazine on the bus going into work one day and an old lady leaned over and commented on one of the cakes! Well that was it - we yacked all the way to my work, and I'm so glad we did. I guess life can get lonely sometimes! Oh and I hope Lily is ok!

    1. I'm having a good time talking to older people. I suspect that sometimes they come to the store just to get a bit of socialization.