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Friday, January 13, 2023

Kevin's Living Hell

 Well, it's Friday, I don't work, and my first load of laundry is in the washer: towels.  Outside, the sky is overcast and a breeze is rustling the branches of the river birch just outside my window.  The clouds are supposed to clear.  The temp is predicted to rise into the upper 40s (F).  Overall, this should be a good day.

Update on the treadmill.  The service tech I talked to on the phone asked if the speed gauge increased to 12 mph, and when I told her it did, she actually said "there's probably some sort of communication error."  She's sending me a new part.  What part, I don't really know. Parts are still under warranty, so it's free.  That's nice, though I have to admit I was not in the least bit impressed.  What if it's the wrong part?

Lisa Marie Presley died suddenly.  That's a shame.  In spite of her name, and her money, I don't think she had a very good life.  People expected her to be a singer, and she wasn't.  Her private life was  public fodder.  In most of the pictures of her being posted, she's not smiling, in many of them she looks like she's ready to punch you in the face.  I hope life is easier for her kids.

And, when I got home from work yesterday evening there was this big green dumpster sitting in front of my neighbor's house.  With her flashlight in hand, my neighbor from across the street was over picking through the trash.  She was surprised when I told her I wasn't over talking to the workmen, and seemed somewhat shocked when I told her I had absolutely no interest in anything that was in that house.  I've been in her house, it's a cluttered mess, and last night she was accumulating more garbage because it was free. 

And what about those documents they found in Biden's garage?  Conspiracy theories are already shooting like lightening across social media.  One of the funniest claims these classified papers were planted in order to keep him running for re-election in 2024.  Others are shrieking about the speed in which Garland named a special counsel.  Kids, I hate to tell you, but this was probably done to placate the Republican whiners.  The special counsel takes away a very large chunk of red meat they desperately want to feed to their base.

And now for something funny.  One of the rules Kev McCarthy accepted, stipulates that any single member of the House can file to have him removed.  This includes both parties.  There are vicious little rumors spreading that the Democrats are going to do this... probably more than once.  Honestly, I don't think the small minded Republican majority even considered this.  I do believe they saw this as a tool they alone could use to manipulate Kevin.  If it wasn't before, I do suspect that very shortly Kev's life is going to turn into a living hell. 


  1. Kevin is also thinking about expunging one or both of Thing 45s impeachments.
    So much for working for the American people.

    1. It's been many, many years since the Republican party saw America as something other than a country they wanted to control.

  2. Oh, the joy packrats have on accumulating stuff that does not serve any purpose. Bet that woman squirreled away some stuff to pack her house even more with useless stuff.
    And yes, the docs. Garland appointing a Special Master so fast did kneecap some of the outrage. And I hope this serves to nail Twittler. The situations are not the same, natch.
    As for Lisa Marie, I was shocked!! I had just watched her being interviewed at the Golden Globes because that Elvis pic was being nominated. She's what, in her early fifties? Poor woman.
    And McCarthy deserves ANYTHING that happens to him.


    1. The Republicans are in a corner. They think if they ignore it, so will the rest of the country. Ain't gonna happen.

  3. Republicans never think things through. There own rules generally come back to bite them.

    And the classified files??? Where were the checks and balances years ago when these files weren't returned??? But i worry not....Biden and his crew are working with the Justice Department...unlike old orange fat ass.

    1. They're far to concerned about pleasing their base than anything else.