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Saturday, January 14, 2023

How to Not Organize a Holiday Party

Outside, the skies are cloudy, a constant breeze is rippling through the branches of the river birch just outside the window, and the temp is sitting at 30 (F).  Today is supposed to be the only day that's cold.  Beginning tomorrow temps are predicted to start warming up.  This does not mean they've been cold.  With average daily highs in the mid 40s (F), so far this has been a relatively mild winter.  Now, the real question is going to be if by saying that I just cursed the hell out of it.  😎😎😎

I talked to the people working on the house next door yesterday.  Their plans have changed.  They were going to rehab and rent, now they're planning on a full remodel and sell.  He told me they were going to ask $180,000, which they figured would net them a $30,000 profit.  They should have no problem getting that price.  As of yesterday forenoon they had been up in the attic (she described it as creepy) but hadn't started to empty it.  The dumpster out front is full, so I don't know if they're going to be getting another one or not. 

Our Holiday Party is tomorrow.  I work a full shift (until 7), and it's going to be in the store.  That's right.  The mini-manager in charge thought this would be great, leaving more money for food and gifts.  This mini-manager is a dumbass.  There was supposed to be a buffet catered by Olive Garden, the restaurant said there would be no problem with a group of 200.  However, the mini-manager waited until Thursday (3 days before the event) to call and order the food.  Basically Olive Garden said "what world are you living in?  We need at least a week's notice for a crowd that size."  Members of the committee were calling around, trying to find someone who could hand that size crowd on such a short notice.  End result, there may be no food at the party.  I will decide when I'm at work tomorrow if I will go or not.

Last night I watched Matilda, the Musical on Netflix.  I'd heard good things, but...  (sigh), I didn't know if I was up for a musical with a lot of kids.  It's very enjoyable.  I highly recommend it.  Here's one of the songs, Bruce.  Now, ain't that a great name for a song!

Garland's decision to put the Biden document problem under the the watchful eye of a Special Counsel has evidently pissed off quite a few Republicans in the House.  You see, now that it's under investigation, they are unable to shoot out subpoenas. This keeps it from becoming a Dead Horse they can kick repeatedly.



  1. The GOP thinks they're fooling people by comparing the Thing 45 mess and this Biden mess, but no one is buying that except those dwindling numbers of MAGAts.

    1. That's a big problem for them, they don't seem to understand their numbers are slowly dwindling.

  2. I enjoyed the movie Matilda when it was out but I don't know we need a musical version. I feel sorry for the workers at your place who work hard all year to net profit, wait on people , and take pride in your work, only to have some manager too lazy to plan a nice rewardable party and they can't even do that. At my company we don't per say have a holiday party, we have a holiday luncheon which was on the 23rd of December.And Olive garden is the one that did ours and it was delicious and the big boss even brought in wine. It was lovely of course we only have a maximum of 18 people who work in the building

    1. The Matilda the Musical was on Broadway for a number of years, 1555 performances. It's very good. I don't see this mini-manager having a long career with Home Depot.