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Saturday, December 24, 2022

The Joys of Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve!!

I get to go to work for 5 hours.,  I'm hoping they have snackery type morsels and tidbits to graze upon.  Who'll be shopping?  Customers looking for a deal on those hideous holiday ornaments no one would even consider putting on their front lawn.  The big markdowns will happen on Monday.  The same thing goes tools, except in reverse, their price will be marked up and customers will buy because they believe they're getting an after Christmas steal.  Around 3:30 PM they will begin cutting the staff loose.  Not so much because they want associates to have a happy Christmas Eve, rather it's a good time to cut back on your payroll expense.

Weather wise.  It's 5 (F) degrees outside.  I did kick the thermostat up to 72 (F).  That means it's very warm upstairs.  I will turn the heat back down to 70 (F) when the temps warm up.  

As for Christmas, itself.  I wonder if Democrats are beginning to understand that Donald Trump is the greatest grift they could ever receive.  Republican red is not going to hide all the political blood the party is going to spill.  Charlie Kirk is going after Ronna McDaniel (yeeha!).  And all of those glorious texts the January 6 committee has blessed America with?  Who cares if they weren't wrapped with a pretty bow on top.  And Trump's taxes?  Patience is a virtue.  Good things come to those who wait.

For those who don't know, one of my favorite groups right now is a German duo named Milky Chance.  Here they are playing variations of the same song.  The first was recorded in 2020 while they were on the Steven Colbert show.  I like that one, and not just because I own the same Miele vacuum cleaner. The 2nd version is a live version recorded at a concert in Berlin this past summer.  Which is better?  I like both versions.



  1. Now the far far right is turning on Large Marge, too. The GOP is eating itself alive.

    1. Let's just hope they don't start choking on themselves, then they might stop.

  2. This cold is for the birds! It would be prettier if there were at least snow lying about! I hate the cold. I went to get the flowers for the table today, with a huge wool and fur coat, and gloves. Fashionable and functional.

    A Happy Christmas Eve and Merry Yuletide to you Dave.

    1. May your holidays be filled with fun, and joy, and very pretty things!