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Sunday, May 15, 2022

The Failure of Thomas

 Holy Crap!  it's Sunday!  and on this day of rest, I have to work.  Very cloudy overhead, with the forecast to reach into the upper 70s (F) and thunder boomers this afternoon.  

Yesterday was only semi-productive.  The veggie meal I was planning was replaced by 2 bowls of salad and a chimichanga.  I did get a 14-mile ride in on Lago D'Iseo, which is one of my favorite rides. 

The Central Air was also turned on yesterday.  It will be turned on today before I leave work since temps are predicted to get warm.  If the long-range forecast is correct, next week we will be hitting the 90's (F) here.  That's much too warm for this time of year.  Global warming is real.  At least we don't have the energy problems Texas is having.  Keep in mind, they do have a Republican governor who added to the inflation problem with his stunt of shutting down the border. 

I ordered a gaming keyboard for the gaming computer.  What can I say, I got a deal... a really good deal.  Purchasing my new Alienware PC gave me so many points, and then I received a coupon in the mail for 10% off any Alienware products, including accessories.  Rather than paying the $154 for the keyboard, I'm getting it for $63.  Thats not a bad deal.

Feel the Rainbow!

Finland is joining NATO!  Putin is all pissy, and this is not what our pro-Russkie senators want: the MAGAs hate that his authoritarian government is being challenged.  Oddly enough, I was talking to a friend on the phone last evening who mentioned that Vlad was struggling with cancer, and not fifteen minutes after that conversation I got a flash from Newsweek blurting out that he had blood cancer.  He is costing the oligarchs money; they want him out of there.

There were many, many Pro-Choice walks yesterday, and I do believe there are going to be more today, not that they're going to affect the Cracker Jack Crazies hunched down in their pews thanking Jesus for helping them overturn Roe v Wade.  Believe me, they are happy as pigs in shit.  Remember, if you're not with them, your expendable.

And Clarence Thomas is also spitting out his normal vein of horse shit.  I took the time to watch a video of him speaking at this conservative conference.  He truly is a bloated toad filled with arrogance.  His ego is bristling with joy that he is part of this decision.  How presumptuous of him to blame everyone else other than the court.  People in the room laughed when he claimed that the court was actually like a dysfunctional family that's fine when it gets together for lunch.  Being dysfunctional is not good and believing that the 'superficial' fineness of shared lunch is terrible.  And he blames everybody else.  This leak has diminished the Supreme Court because 5 justices are politically motivated to force their religious beliefs upon a majority.  Thomas is a failure as a human being, and a black man, and he seems quite happy to blame everyone else for his failings.


  1. I love that keyboard!!!!

    I spent the day planting many perennials in the garden, it was lovely to be out, but no air for us yet...we seem to be hothouse flowers.

    Going forward the Supreme Court is now fucked. After this leak, the court is now compromised and most of the country now has no faith in the court. And I like your comparison to Thomas to a bloated toad. Perfect. I always said the dump was a bloated toad too. And full of shit.

    1. It is truly fucked. The cracker jack crazies are in heaven. I think it's time we rocked their world.

  2. Putin is trying to turn a war with Ukraine into his final triumph before he goes to Hell. Sadly, for him, Ukraine had other ideas.
    Clarence can fuck off.

  3. I do hope the Cancer diagnosis for Vlad means a horrible ending for that Psychopathic Madman whose been responsible for too much misery, suffering and murder already... his Bad Karma needs to catch up with him.

    1. Some adult leukemia victims live for years, surviving by getting regular transfusions. I would not be surprised if this wasn't the story their putting out before he... retires.

  4. Years ago I shared an office with a Finnish girl and she was VERY worried about Russia. As her family lived on the east border of Finland, when the Russians invaded grandma was given just one hour to pack up and move out (granddad was at work). Then she got a bollocking for taking sentimental things from the home rather than things of value. Seen from her point of view things are very scary!