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Friday, August 2, 2019

Sit on this

Oh, well... it's Friday.  I have off tomorrow.  By request.  It's the first Saturday in August which means... Kid's Workshop.  As we age we decide whether or not we want to deal with certain... disturbances.  Kid's Workshop is creates a way to bond parents, and children, and the necessary skills needed if you own a home.  It's also a great tool to drive sales.  Parents always buy at least one thing.  The Kid's Workshop in our store is about 65 feet from where  the flooring desk.  The tumultuous sound of pounding hammers eliminates conversation.  You never want to sit down with customers during Kid's Workshop.  Henceforth I am requesting off every first Saturday of every month.  If I want to ruin my ear drums and give myself tinnitus, I'll listen to rock music.
Yesterday Sixpence commented on what I wear when cycling and I'm afraid I might have given some bad information.  The only spandex I wear is in the shorts and that's because of the gel padding.  This is the reason for the padding.

The seat... or as cyclists call it, the saddle.  The saddle is 11 inches long and 5.5 inches wide and very, very firm.  After about 5 miles, sitting on the saddle becomes... tedious (yeah, that's a nice word for it).  Painful is another one.  While I'm sure there are some out there who might enjoy this, I don't, nor do any other cyclists that I know.  To alleviate the stress on our 'saddle bones' we wear spandex shorts with gel padding.   I wear regular work out shorts on top because, let's be honest, there are only certain men who can wear spandex and get away with it.  When I take the X-6 out on the road I used platform pedals and sneakers, inside I use clipless pedals and special shoes.  Oh, and I don't wear a helmet inside, either... that would be just too damn weird.
On political news, this past week six Republicans have announced they will not seek re-election, including the only black Republican Congressman in the House.  If you're one of those brain dead Republicans, this is not good.  And another funny thing... the Idiot Jerk in the White House held a rally last evening.  He didn't get a lot of press.  The only thing I saw was a minor bit in the NYT where they said he didn't bring up 'race.'  This goes to prove that unless he says something incendiary, or inflammatory, no one gives a shit.  I tell people, he was not sent to give Conservatives everything they want, rather, he was sent to obliterate them.  He is their ending without a 'post script.'


  1. Heh. I just can imagine the kid’s workshop. I think it’s a good idea to do both some parental bonding and gain some skills (I wouldn’t be so clumsy with a power tool if I’d had those workshops).
    And I see why the special shorts. I’ve seen them on the weekend warriors in suburbia. And some men should LIVE in biking Lycra shorts. Yum.
    Oh, Cheeto. Nobody gave a damn about his racist rally. I even forgot he was going to rile up the trumpanzees in Ohio cause he’s fucked them over. Ha! You are right. If he doesn’t spew his hatred nobody gives a damn.


    1. Yeah, the shorts really do tend to accentuate the positive.

  2. you should model those bike shorts for us (wink wink nudge nudge).

  3. want me to sit on what???

    You expect my junk to fit that seat? That's looks painful.

    1. Lmaoooo. I suspect Maddie skips the tucking most times, though....