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Friday, August 9, 2019


Well, here it is Friday... tomorrow is my Hump Day.          meh
At least it's not a Kid's Workshop Saturday.  I've already requested the three of those suckers off.
I bought myself a wine cooler / wine cellar.  Why they call there is that slash and the word cellar are even included is beyond me, though I guess there are some out there who might carry it down and put it in their basements.  Mine is in my dining room chilling 2 bottles of white wine.  I did not buy the more expensive model which lets you chill both reds and white.  Red wine should be at room temperature.  It holds 18 bottles so I'll probably buy a few more.  I have to admit it looks really nice when the inside light is on.
Oh, and the farmers of Minnesota are getting royally pissed at the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  Tariffs, you know?  More of them.  In case you didn't really know, this Trade War is designed to make the Rich even Richer... Again.  The Chinese had stopped purchasing American agricultural products and that $28 billion dollar bailout seems to have gone mostly to the corporation farms, not the small family business.  This whole thing was never about making the little guy Great.  Nope.  This has been a standard Republican tactic since the first Idiot Jerk in the White, Ronnie Reagan.  Some things will never change, which is why we need to vote Republicans out of Office.  Their idea of a Conservative America is nothing more than a choke hold on the average American.
Finally, I have to say I am simply amazed by how many people rely on the word 'prayer,' or a lack there of, as a reason for the ills of American Society.  The NRA claims that a 'lack of prayer in schools' leads to gun violence and mass murders.  In case you didn't know, this is their way of kissing the ass of the Religious Right.  Prayer answers everything, right?  Nope.  And what about countries where Christianity is not the prominent religion?  Take India.  I'm sure there are some Christians there, but the population is overwhelmingly Hindu.  They have multiple gods.  I doubt very much if an Indian teacher stands in front of the classroom every morning and says, "okay, now let's pray to one of our gods."  There are not a lot of mass murders in India.  Nope.  Their society has some other issues, but you never hear about some Indian taking an assault rifle into an Indian Walmart and murdering 22 people.  Maybe the Religious Right in this country look and learn.  Well, we know that will never happen.


  1. Thoughts and prayers is the most useless expression ever. It’s basically meaningless.
    Cheeto fucked over the little men. Duh. Poor idiots, they hoped to get over that economic anxiety? Ha.
    And I think I’d like to get more into wine. I’m a barbarian, so I only like dessert wines. If all wines were mild or sweet, I’d be an alkie.


    1. It's either thoughts and prayers or lose a big chunk of their base.

  2. @sixpence + dave:
    local winery to dave and I. they make a pink catawba TO DIE FOR!

    prayer - what a buncha horseshit! solves nothing, does nothing. ain't no god either.

    1. Thanks for the Winery info, I'll probably order a couple of bottles next week.

      It's funny that the NRA which has been wracked with so much scandal lately talks about prayer.