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Monday, August 26, 2019

Inside or Outside

I'm off today, which means this is my Sunday.  Yesterday, however, turned into my day of rest, at least after the cake and ice cream of Lily's party.

Add to that a nice bottle of Catawba recommended by Anne Marie. and my day transitioned into relaxed and casual... no bike ride.

I do believe this is how life is supposed to be.
Last evening I spent some time talking to my friend Betsy.  She found the Idiot Jerk's repeating some inane claim to being The Chosen One totally abhorrent.  This got me to wondering if, perhaps, he'd demonstrated his chosen status by walking on water at the G7.  Checking the news headlines this morning I saw that didn't happen.  He did, however, lie about China calling him to ask if trade talks could be restarted.  I suspect that with the 2020 election beginning to loom, the Idiot Jerk's lies will begin gyrating to what ever tune he hopes will satiate his base and their thirst for power.
As for today, my plans are simple:  clean the bathroom (it's actually fairly clean already, I tend to be rather neat), take the dogs for a walk, and go for a bike ride.  Now, whether the last one will be outside on the X6 or inside on the red Cannondale is up in the air.  Outside there's traffic and no music, inside there's safety and music.  I'll let you know tomorrow what my choice was.


  1. did you enjoy the wine? and did lily like her cake?

  2. Yes, it was quite tasty. And Lily, always the Lady, too about 15 minutes to slowly enjoy her cake and ice cream. Big Seig, on the other hand, wolfed his portion down in about a minute and a half.

  3. Cake, ice cream and wine - what's not to love!

  4. YayCake!
    And you know that Cheeto is going to sprout inane nonsense that will be repeated by some stupid reporters and then denied by the White House. Rinse and repeat


    1. I don't know if they're doing much rinsing, but they are doing a lot of repeating.