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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Bite this

Well, I actually did sleep in this morning.
Both dogs have colds.  Seig showed symptoms first (sneezing & runny nose).  His has just about run it's course, but Lily's is kicking in.  The only problem is having them sneeze in your face.  They're dogs... they don't know any better.  There's a lot of... spray.  I'm so glad I'm not one of those hyper-sensitive types.
I saw that even after calls from her own party to resign, that bimbolina Candice Keller from Ohio has refused.  She's saying she a conservative and this is what a conservative believes... of course, we all know conservatives haven't a spare modicum of intelligence.  She said she's going to let her constituents decided: retire her ass fast.  Put her out in that conservative pasture where she can drop her cow flops with other conservatives.
And the Idiot Jerk in the White House is going to Toledo... (wait a minute...) he means Dayton (he stands corrected) and El Paso today.  I'm sure they will do their damndest to keep protesters away.  His sycophants are desperately trying to keep his ego safe.
I went to see "Hobbs & Shaw" last evening.  It was really entertaining.  This was definitely a work of testosterone inspired fantasy.  And for those who are wondering... yes, Dwayne takes off his shirt.  In fact, at one point he's dressed as a Samoan warrior.  The supporting cast is great.  Ryan Reynolds!  and he is funny.  Actually, this movie is almost a comedy, what with all the tit for tatting going on between Dwayne and Jason.  Sadly, Jason does keep his clothing  on - no skin.  I mean, nothing that you could really sink you teeth into.
And finally.  I thought this was interesting.  From time immemoriam  we've been told that the Milky Way is a flat, disc shaped galaxy.  Well, that's wrong.  We've got curves.  That's right, our galaxy is a little... bent, if you know what I mean.

Pringle shaped is what they're saying.  That's right!  It's like a tasty potato snack made from stars and planets and gas clouds rather than itsby bitsy potato parts.  If you click on the link there's an animation where you get to see the Milky Way move.  Tasty, huh?


  1. Bimbolina seems like too nice a word for such a sanctimonious skank. I'd name a kitty Bimbolina.
    Hobbs and Shaw, I'm on it!

    1. Yeah, I know Bimbolina is supposed to sound derogatory... Bimbowretch might be better for that sow in Ohio.

  2. I hope there are more protestors than dump supporters out there today!

    and the OH cunt is fucking ignorant. FORCE HER ASS OUT!

    ummmmmmmmmmmmm, pringles...sour cream & onion is my fave! did you ever watch how they are made? fascinating, captain!

    get well soon, von trapps!

    1. I'll think they're trying to keep the Idiot as far away from the protesters as possible since his ego can't handle them.

  3. Sorry about the doggies! Hope they recover.
    And that Ohio cow needs to be voted out STAT. Ugh. When will people learn that they CAN get rid of bigoted idiots?
    I hope they protest Cheeto in Ohio and in Texas. It’ll hurt his very thin skin.
    Yum Dwayne and Jason. Jason makes me weak and Dwayne makes me laugh. Add Ryan and I would never, ever leave the house. Ever.


    1. She's like that dumbbell Kim Davis who thought God was going to protect her... stupid.

  4. Sadly my ex-husband is pro-Trump, anti-gay, anti just about anything (seriously WHY did I marry the jerk, since I am so liberal). He's American and I'm British and worked in Geneva (Switzerland) for 35 years (but live in France, across the border), and I remember one time some Swiss German girls walked past speaking Swiss German and his comment was about the "bloody immigrants". I actually had to laugh when I said this is THEIR country and WE are the immigrants. Damn, if he had half a brain he would be dangerous!

    1. Two things to remember about Conservatives: 1 They're very selfish (everything is 'my') 2. They love to pass judgment. This is why we need to keep them out of power.