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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Blame it on... well, everything

So, it's Tuesday, which means it's my Saturday, or in other words my weekend begins.  The dogs got me up at 0430.  They're dogs, which means I got a great jump on my chores: one load of laundry ready to go into the dryer and another into the washer.
I guess the Idiot Jerk in the White House farted out some sort of message to his base yesterday repeating to them what they've been telling themselves for years.  Basically, he absolved their sin of Sanctifying the Holy Gun and put the blame on.... video games, among other things.  The dumb shit claimed that it was "hatred that pulled the trigger," without realizing there was a small chorus behind him chanting "send them back,"  "send them back."  He ignored the fact that the shooter's screed relied heavily on statements the Idiot Jerk has used over and over again, like "an invasion of immigrants."  He refused to mention that the main targets were Latinos, not a word on that most obvious fact.  This speech was not meant to calm, to quell the anger and fears of the nation, this was aimed directly at his base because... well, Holy Shit, they might vote Democrat in the next election.  For Republicans, stupidity equals loyalty.
With so much shit hitting the fan, Republicans are finding there are fewer and fewer places to hide but that doesn't stop them from pointing fingers at everyone except themselves.  They will never look in the mirror.  They are all like the this aging, bimbolina State Senator from Ohio, Candice Keller. 

This is Candice desperately trying to look like a very young Madonna

She pulled out that old, crazy Christian laundry list, the same one they've been relying on for decades, to give direction to their fingers.  Basically, she blamed everything she doesn't like.  Oh, and in case you are wondering, Candice is not answering her phone, mailbox full, nor is she responding to emails, most likely because she also hates it when people call her a stupid bitch.  By the way, she's 67 years old.
And, speaking of Crazy Christians, they have a really big problem.  It seems like somebody photobombed their very first pic and they have no idea how to solve this.


  1. Cheeto cannot even read from a TelePrompTer and mentioned the wrong city. That invested was his attention in the message. And the video games excuse is a NRA talking point. You know, on message.
    That stupid cow from Ohio should be deposed. Damn they’re ignorant.
    Btw, that caption of her photo is golden. As is the Keith Richards joke. 🤣


    1. The video game blame is for brain dead Republicans who don't know these violent video games are played all over the world by millions and millions of people and there are no mass murders in those countries.

  2. the far right is STILL blaming everything but the dump and his h8 speech for the violence. and don't forget the NRA; they are complicit in this shit too. but they get nary a mention.

    1. And the scandal ridden NRA hasn't said anything because their shit's been hitting fan pretty hard here lately.

  3. Never underestimate the power of video games! My addiction to Pacman sent me on a tragic fruit eating spree from which I have yet to recover!

    1. I can help...
      believe me....
      I can send you some...

    2. Oooh, nom, nom, nom, nom......!