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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Gaps in their logic

I was making my breakfast this morning and when I walked into the writing room (nee dining room) I discovered Seig has learned a new trick: how to turn the light on in the wine cooler by pressing his nose against the sensor.  Aren't dogs simply amazing?!
A position suddenly opened up yesterday that's attractive, a Customer Order Specialist.  There's a big however... however.  It has a nice, fixed schedule, Tuesday thru Saturday.  I know how to do the job, so there wouldn't be a lot of training.  However, it is a sitting position, meaning I'd spend all of my time sitting at a desk.  I'm a walker.  When I was a child, hyperactive would have been a good way to describe me and as an adult I'm pretty much the same.  I burn some of my energy off on the bike (12.2 miles yesterday), but I like moving around.  On an average day I get between 11,000 and 12,000 steps in at work.  So, I'll probably pass on this.
I saw where Walmart, the largest retailer in the United States, has chosen to take down their signage for violent video games because its conservative, billionaire owners prefer to point fingers at anything other than guns.  Brain dead Republicans love this.  They don't understand video games make billions of dollars annually.  If you ask one why, when millions and millions of violent video games are sold around the world, is it only America that has horrible problem with mass murders they will look at your stupidly.  Or they'll respond by saying something like "why would I be concerned with what happens in other countries?"  The truth is these people want to be sheep.  They want a shepherd to move them from pasture to pasture.  They don't like to think.  I suspect it's because they are missing some of their little, gray cells and trying to think is complicated by the gaps in their logic.
And for those interested in the progress of The Body in the Well... well, our heroes are now on horseback in a chapter called Ghost Towns of Colorado.  Yes, there are 'western' elements in this book as well as the ever present cycling elements.  Colorado is very conducive to both mountain biking and horseback riding.  Cars don't do well in the hills.

This is what I'm talking about
And I know some looked at the map of Rattler's Den I posted, but in truth the town is based a lot on what I remember Breckenridge to be like.  Yes, I spent a couple of weeks in Colorado Springs when I helped open up their Marriott hotel.  This is what Breckenridge looks like in the summer.

And no, that is not a pictures of the Rattler's Den Reptile and Snake Emporium.