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Saturday, June 18, 2016

The RDC, Clinton vs Trump

So, where have I been for the past 2 days?  At the RDC (Regional Distribution Center).  Training.  Yep, I've been learning all about Dealing with Conflict in regards to unruly and irate associates and customers.  There were also classes in Team Building and Taking Charge of Your Development, all of which were preparing us for a promotion to a higher pay grade.  Crap.  I'll be honest, the money would be nice, but Crap.  I'd have to give up even more of my life.  Anyway, the RDC distributes most of the product we sell in our stores to around 275 stores in the region, which means it's a hopping place.  Here it is:

Left side
And here, also:
Right side
I have pics I took in the class, but they're... boring.
As a result of driving there and back on Thursday and Friday, I'm a little off in the politics department.  I did, however, see on Facebook where a friend of mine shared a bit about Trump and Clinton.  Evidently there was some article posted somewhere which said many people thought Clinton was going to win in the General Election.  Let me tell you, the Trumplodite comments were hysterical.  For many of them, spelling seems to be some sort of elusive art.  English isn't like German where there are 7 different ways to say 'the.' (you know?  der, dem, den, des, das, and so on and so forth).  These people have lapped up the vilification of Clinton by the Republican party their worlds are going to shatter when Trump loses the election.  They are going to be so disenfranchised with politics they will never, ever vote again.
Goody for the normal people in the United States.


  1. the morons can't read, write, spell, put together a complete sentence, or use their brains (except to sit on them). my BIL is one of these. lucky for me I don't have to see him.