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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Step, step, stepping in a Trump T-shrit

My schedule for yesterday and today is crap.  I had to close the store last night, which meant I needed to stay until 1130.  Today I'm in at 1030 AM.  The dogs don't understand that.  Sure, they get to eat early, but then they're penned in the house for 11 hours.
Anyway, something funny did happen early last evening.  I was standing at the paint desk when this woman walked by.  And she was wearing a Trump T-shirt.  Now, this woman was in her mid to late 50's.  She had her hair died coal black and was, what my Pa Dutch grandmother would have called 'struvelly,' which means it may have been brushed 2 or 3 days ago.  When she walked, she moved one foot in front of the other foot, and not smoothly, like most people, rather she seemed to be relying on some little trigger mechanism firing in her brain going 'step... step... step.' And I thought to myself, "so, this is what a Trump supporter looks like up close and personal."
About 30 seconds after she had passed, Vinnie, who works in lumber, rushed up and asked "did you see the lady in the Trump shirt?"  As I nodded, he continued "that's the first time I've ever seen one."

This is the one she was wearing
And then one of the cashiers came over to add to the conversation.  Evidently other customers in the store had glared at her.  This is funny because she was what most people think of when it comes to Trumplodites, a group venturing outside the doors of their single-wide into uncharted territory without a compass, which may have been why when she walked she was almost robot like with her 'step... step...step.'


  1. It was either brave or fool-hardy of her to wander away from the herd.

  2. stupid bitch! rump gonna lose in november!

    1. Yes, her lack of simple intellect is unquestionable.