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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

That's not a shed, that's a barn

Well, this is my 2nd day off in a row.  I've set myself up in the scheduling system to get sequential days off, every week.  That rarely happens.  The woman who processes the schedules is an idiot, she likes to think she's better then the system.  She isn't.  Whereas in other stores, associates and mgmt set up for sequential days off get 2 days off, in ours they don't.  She's not happy.  She hates the commute.  She hates the store manager.  She constantly complains about the associates.  Hopefully, she'll be gone soon.
Anyway, I had breakfast with my brother yesterday.  His wife likes to do things with wool, include spin it.   Several months ago she bought a $1600 spinning wheel.  That's right, $1600.  And what she really wants is to have a sheep farm.  She, however, calls it a farmette.  They've actually been looking at one with purchasing in mind.  You see she has this overly romanticized picture in her head of how wonderful it would be to raise sheep, and sheer sheep, and spin their wool into thread, and then knit that thread in to scarves, and sweaters.  Oh, and she has a loom as well, so she can make blankets and serapes and, well, I guess anything you might want.
Anyway, he and I were having breakfast and he says, "here, I'll send you the address so you can check it out."  I asked how big it was and he said, "four bedrooms, three baths, and really big shed."  This morning I looked at it on Zillow.  This is the really big shed:

This is a barn
Now, it's only the two of them so 4 bedrooms is a few too many.  They don't need 3 full baths.  And as for this being a farmette?  Give me a break.  This is a farm.  That's not a shed, that's a barn.  And four or five sheep are going to be lonely there, besides, I just cannot picture my sister-in-law wearing her stylish galoshes shoveling out sheep shit.


  1. We have a shed and I'm guessing twenty to thirty of our sheds could fit into that shed ... with plenty of room for sheep left over!

    1. and cows, and chickens, and maybe a horse or two.

  2. I once worked in a law office where the senior partner, who had raised a (1)sheep as a 4H project in high school, had this idea that he wanted to raise sheep when he retired. Bought a farm (didn't call it a farmette) and set to it while still practicing law. Discovered that that one sheep requires much less effort than a flock of thirty, that when all the ewes are lambing at the same time in midwinter, it is not fun, and that his wife (also a lawyer) had other plans for her retirement. They sold the farm and moved back to town.

    1. I asked my brother how many sheep she was planing on getting... he hasn't replied yet, though I suspect she'll say something like '6'