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Sunday, June 5, 2016

$2.32 + Kongos = good

The $2.32 is the total amount of money I have left in my First National account - all other funds have been moved to my new Member's First account.  This is the price of bad customer service.  I'm off on Wednesday so sometime in the late morning I'll saunter into the First National and say "where there used to be thousands, now there is $2.32... and I want it now."  And I'll do it pleasantly.  Yelling at them isn't going to change their bad customer relations, more people like me, withdrawing all of their funds will.  Teaching lessons is good.  More people need to take action.  Too many piss and moan and don't do anything; nothing gets changed that way.
On the bright side, I just watched the Kongos new video.  They get big heads.  I like the group.  Very rarely do I listen to the music which was popular when I was younger.  I tell people "I've already lived through that stuff once, I don't need to live through it a second time, or a third time."  This means I don't listen to 'oldies,' at least not on a regular basis.  In fact, the only time I do is when I'm at the store.  Most people don't like new stuff because... well, it's different than what they're used to hearing.  Anyway, here's their new song "Take it from Me."

Their new album comes out on 6/10.


  1. To make your point more effectively, go to new accounts or ask to sit with a manager when you close the account.