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Monday, June 20, 2016

Looky looky, Now you see me

That's right, I went to the movies last evening.  "Now You See Me 2" was on the bill.  Hhhmmm, what to say?  Overall I enjoyed it almost as much as I liked the first film in this franchise.  Daniel Radcliffe is in this one and most of the time he's barefooted (for all you Harry Potter foot fetishists out there).  He does a decent job, as does most of the cast.  Where as all of the Four Horsemen get to do their only little solo magic shtick, Lizzy Caplan, as their newest member, gets stuck with this crappy dove trick which is so crappy there's no reveal.  That's right.  All of the other tricks get explained, not hers.  Not good.  And the big reveal at the end?  It goes on for way too long.  When Dave Franco begins to explain away the secrets to "the people of the world," he's not really speaking to them, he's speaking to the movie audience because "the people of the world" have no idea what has been transpiring.  Oh, and did I say, it goes on way too long: five minutes detailing everything that happened, maybe?
Still, I thought that overall the movie was very entertaining, easily worth the price of the ticket.

Here are some quick takeaways:
Either Morgan Freeman is really, really tall, or the rest of the cast is really, really small.
If you ever wanted to see Woody Harrelson with curly hair, this is you chance.
Mark Ruffalo shows you how to make a teary-eyed scene look cheesy.
Jesse Eisenberg actually looks..., well, cute.
The cast, while being racially diverse, is overly dominated by men.
Did I mention Jesse Eisenberg?

The first one made over $375 million worldwide, and Part 2 is over $90 million in it's second week.  What does that mean?  I understand they're already working on Part 3, that's what that means.  Will I go see it?  Probably.


  1. I found myself crushing a little on Jesse in the first one.

    1. Maybe because he has that 'boy next door' look.