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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Manhattan Project for Appleheads

Since this is one of my early morning start days, I've only time for a quick 'piss and moan.'  Yesterday morning I saw that there is now a 'virtual tour' of The Manhattan Project which is being distributed by Los Alamos National Park (that's right, it's a park now).  Anyway, the article was really splashy, how there are virtual bread crumbs to lead you on your way, and I thought this might be interesting.  So, I go to download the app and discover... it's only for IOS.  They must think Appleheads are special.  I own a Galaxy phone and a Pro Surface tablet, no Apple products in this house.
Way back, when I bought my first smartphone, I did some research which included asking the clerk at the store what the differences were between Android and Apple.  Her answer was simple "Iphones are easy to use and are made for people who are less tech savvy."  Not being computer illiterate, I bought a Galaxy.  I see people in the store struggling to unlock their Iphones or to show me pictures of paint can lids and I laugh because these are phones designed for people who have difficulty dealing with technology.

So I sent an email to Los Alamos National Park with a complaint.  If you're going to pay to have an app written, you need to be inclusive, not biased or prejudiced against Android or Microsoft.  Apple's market share has been slowly dropping over recent years. Their popularity is waning.  This is how life goes.

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