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Friday, May 5, 2017

TV Evangelism Led to this Hell

Yesterday afternoon when I read that the Idiot in the White House had signed an Executive Order on Religious Liberty, I realized he might actually be the Anti-Christ... well no, that's not right exactly, it just became much more apparent that this man is truly evil.  He will do what ever he can to feed his ego.  His constant lying is only the tip of the iceberg.  And, of course. those Evangelicals who voted for him are jumping around, demented by their zealousness.  We have TV Evangelism to thank for this hell.  Prior to the "700 Club" and "PTL" there were not nearly as many Evangelicals in the US, however, the minute crazies like the Bakers, and Schuller, and Falwell took to the airwaves the evil was let loose.  The message changed.  Mega-Churches swelled their ranks with people who were told that if you believe, you'll get your 'just rewards' here and now.  I did watch portions of these shows on occasion and always ended up turning them off because they were so phony.  They always included a 'special guest' who's business had become successful after he'd had his epiphany.  That's right, money, strong faith always meant more money.  Now that they have a president who's rich and seems to be giving them everything they want they're happier than pigs in shit.

It's all about feeding their own self-interest, and the Idiot in the White House has become the Top Dog Evangelist of all time.  We have 3 cashiers in my store who believe him when he says they're all going to make 'real' money... again.  These people have been primed for years for this moron.  
Concern should be real, for when this idiocy comes crashing down real damage is going to be done to many innocents.  Let's just hope we are not among the millions of walking wounded.


  1. we the intelligent have nothing to worry about when the dumptards realize they been had by the con man.

    reagan encouraged the phony-ass preachers. and I celebrate every time one of them dies. when are robertson, bakker, graham gonna bite the big one and discover there is no heaven and no god? bwhahahahaha!

  2. I've said it before and I think the time is now. Once 45 gets off US soil, he's not coming back. Its his only way out plus no long boring fake trial and he keeps all his money and payoffs.

    History shows that those who believe the devil is the anti-christ have a near perfect record of rising it to power.

    Its so ironic that all these bible thumpers believe their savior needs to be elected to save them. The hero of their story wondered the desert, helping the sick and poor, never seeking or acquiring wealth or positions of power and teaching how to love, be kind an not judge. He saves the world not by slaying his enemies but by allowing them to slay him. Sounds just like 45.

    1. Agreed. I think that at some point he's going to take the 'exile' option. He is the worst thing that has ever happened to Christianity.