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Monday, May 15, 2017

The Eclipse that is Trump

Am I like the only one wondering what our Idiot Ringmaster is going to put in the Center Ring this week?  Let's be honest here.  People are finding themselves hypnotized by this slow motion political demolition derby.  This is a rare occurrence.  Like a once in a lifetime chance to be directly under an eclipse waiting for the darkness to fade to bright, white sunshine.  Now, I know there are some who are terrified that we are standing smack dab in the middle of ground zero and they are waiting for the bomb to drop... but that's not going to happen.  Only 29% of the American People approve of the firing Comey... that's the hard core crazies at the heart of the GOP.  No one else.  This is a minority group that is constantly shrinking.  If any one is standing at the center of ground zero it be they.
And, of course, he's going on another vacation... well, supposedly the Idiot's supposedly going to visit the Middle East and Europe.  Can you even being to imagine the security they're going to need?  The expense this foul fool is cost these governments.  And the Europe bit?  I believe it's for the G7 Conference, something Putin isn't invited to because his shit stinks so bad.  Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall when the Idiot walks into the room.  He's going to try and commandeer the whole thing and in unison all of those other leaders are going to say "shut up."  And, of course, he'll huff and puff... and they'll tell him to shut up again.  They're just going to say "no.
The way one of our Managers did to the couple who tried to return 10 gallons of paint.  "Absolutely not!"

One more thing about the eclipse we are now standing under... always remember to shield your eyes to avoid blindness.  Just look at what happened to the conservatives.


  1. Replies
    1. I get so much pleasure ripping the Idiot apart.

  2. Love your blog, mate. Don't know why I haven't commented before now - sorry.

    Time was, I used to get up every morning and check the news.
    Now, I get up every morning, and check the news sites while holding my breath to see what The Arsehole has done overnight (Australian time).
    And didn't we strike it "lucky" this morning with the Washington Post story that The Arsehole had revealed highly classified information to those pesky Russkis. Of course the White House denied it...

    1. Thanks for commenting! Every opinion in the world is important! And as for the Idiot? Lately I've been wondering if he's really that damn stupid... and of course he is.