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Monday, May 8, 2017

Grooting for France!

Well, it's Monday, and my 2nd day off in a row with another day off coming on Friday.  Retail, you know?  At least since I stepped down from my mgmt position I no longer have to get up at 0300.
Last evening I finished my 1st play through of Mass Effect, Andromeda - that's not saying there's going to be a 2nd play through.  Since a lot of people never complete a game, those that do get certain very nice perks.  This game, however, had a lot of problems right out of the gate so I will probably sit back and see what kind of fixes Bioware makes.
A big Congratulations to the people of France who voted in a Centrist by a landslide.  That's the kind of victory the Idiot would have like to have had and failed to get.  This means that the Idiot's only ally in Europe is Theresa May... and everybody knows that the EU is going to send her a plate of shit to smoke when it comes to trade deals.
And Sally Yates is going to testify this week... and the Idiot has already started his negative Tweeting.  Evidently the Obama Administration warned the Idiot... but, well, this is why this guy's the Idiot in the White House.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised it that warning didn't send Steve Bannon into a giggle fit.  He would have thought that a very, very strong endorsement... in fact, I'm sure the Idiot, himself, didn't tell Steve that "this is a huge, a really, really huge sign Flynn needs to be on our team."
Now, I and the dogs are going to take a little nap.  Later this afternoon I'm going to grout.  That's right, I said grout... not Groot.  I'll be Grooting later this evening.

And tomorrow it's back to work... and the gym,,, the stuff I live for.


  1. the french have common sense, something really lacking in the USA.

    1. Yeah, we could learn a couple of lessons from them in regard to nuclear power.