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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Is Orange the new Stupid?

So, yesterday I went to work, punched in, sat down and talked to the Store Manager about gaming, worked my way back to flooring desk where one of my fellow associates looked at me and said "you're not supposed to be here today."  And, of course, he was right.  Evidently, when I stuck my latest schedule on the frig, I somehow managed to throw out the wrong week and I was working last week again.  Shit.  That hasn't happened in oh, I'd say about 8 years.
Suddenly I had a whole day to myself and... I did chores around the house.  That and climb on board my eliptical for 35 minutes.  In case you want to see what my workout looked like, you can see it here:  Yesterday's cardio.
They were calling for bad thunderstorms last evening and they... failed to materialize.  We had some rain over night, but that's about it.
Today I do work.  In fact, today is the first of a 5 day stretch.
I did take the dogs to the park this morning.  They love it.  Lily is always pulling, and Big Seig?  He just ambles along beside me.  The only issue I have, and it isn't a big one, is that he hates getting into the back of the car so I need to pick him up... that's right, I pick up a 111 pound dog and put him in the back.  He has no problem jumping out when we get to the park, and when we get home, but getting in... well, that's another story.
I see the Idiot's giving interviews, all of which make him sound the the leading contender for Buffoon Ignoramicus of the United States.  With every turd that slips from his lips he makes it more and more obvious just how stupid he truly is in regards to everything... except himself.  He loves to talk about himself, or I should say Lie about Himself.
I mean, the Andrew Jackson thing was hysterical.  He is the 'everyman' of bragadocia.  To call him stupid would be too nice.  Really.

And I will admit that yesterday, sitting at the Specialty Desk, for about, oh, 2 or 3 seconds I did feel a little Orange, but that passed.  There is a difference between throwing out the wrong schedule and saying Steve Bannon is not part of the Alt-Left (yeah, the Idiot said that).


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  2. gawd, ain't THAT the truth! and every fucking idiot that voted for the dump is a special kinda stoopid!

    1. The special kind of stupid are the people still tooting his horn!

    2. It doesn't make any difference how incompetent he is, as long as he claims to be a Republican... which really huge problem for the party.

  3. I don't know if Andrew Jackson could have prevented the Civil War, being, you know, dead and all, but maybe he could have stopped the Bowling Green massacre?

    1. Hhhm. one moment while I ask KellyAnne... maybe we can still get it on Andrew's agenda for next week.