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Friday, March 1, 2019

Shoveling Out

First they said a dusting, then they said 1-3 inches and... well, this morning I checked and we had a 44% chance of getting 1-3 and a 43% chance of getting 3-6 inches of snow.  Guess what we got?

That's almost 5 inches of snow.  The dogs have been having a blast.  No ice or freezing rain this time, just snow.  When I finish this, I'm going to go shovel out my car... shouldn't take long, around 15 minutes.  Easy Peasy.
I designed some blinds yesterday for a customer... very nice blinds... almost $7000 in blinds.  She's going to bring her husband in today to approve of the colors:  white and pale grey.  They're building a new house and she's being very specific about what she wants.  I would never spend that much on blinds, in case you were wondering.
A while back I slowly began giving away my old vinyl.   I'm talking old here.  Most are going to my brother-in-law, he's a vinyl audiophile.  Usually what I do is grab 20 - 30 albums and give them to my sister when we have breakfast (I have a lot of vinyl).  I don't really look to see which groups I'm giving him.  So, last night I'm working on the manuscript and I get a voice mail from my sister:  "Just wanted to let you know we're having a very enjoyable evening sitting here listening to the Carpenters."  She was being facetious, of course, and I had to laugh.  At some point in my life I must have bought a Carpenters album... I think I must have been really drunk at the time.
In case you're wondering, he's not getting the Broadway albums... he might like them and that would way too surrealistic for me to handle.
So, I guess Mike Cohen talked about Russia yesterday... behind closed doors.  Very interesting.  Adam Schiff made a statement and that's about it.  Cohen's testimony must have been quite compelling, otherwise we'd have heard from some snotty nosed Republican whining about how it was nothing but 'lies.'  They said nothing.  Sadly for them, back when they controlled both the House and the Senate, they set a number of precedents while attacking Hillary Clinton.  Oh... shit.  They now suspect it's too deep to ever shovel themselves out.


  1. You did get some snow! Here in Chi we’re cold but haven’t had a snowmaggedon in awhile.
    And it’s really cool you’re giving your vinyl to someone who appreciates it. I have a small collection. Love them! I even have singles. They bring good memories.
    And you just KNOW Cohen has dirt on Cheeto. It’s part of the con man code: always keep dirt on who you work for cause they’ll betray you the same way they’d betrayed others. Good.


    1. More snow due tonight and then... they say... more on Sunday.

  2. My favorite part of this Cohen business is the GOP asshats calling the hearings and investigations a "waste of time" after, what,seven eight, nine GOP investigations into Benghazi that went nowhere?

    1. I wonder if they have any idea how badly this next election is going to go for them... nah, not a clue.

  3. we got 3". no ice.

    cohen's open door testimony gave the dems new names to subpoena. like istanka. and jared.

  4. That's about all it did... oh, and it made Republicans look really, really bad.