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Sunday, March 10, 2019


Well, it's Sunday.  I'm off.  We're an hour later.  I didn't change any of my clocks.  Most of them change by themselves - we're in the digital age.  Those I have to change?  Well, that will happen sometime today.
I bought wine last evening to celebrate finishing the first draft...  no, not yet.  Next week, probably.  Then the editing begins.  Things will be added and other things will be removed.  I have a reader who will go through the first draft highlighting lapses in logic I, myself, don't see.  Several of the characters, like Mathieu Serault, will need to be introduced earlier.  No problem.  Right now it's as long as the first book.  "The Body on the Lawn" gained around 4000 words between drafts.  We will have to see.  Completion of the first draft is when work begins on the cover art.  I've been talking to Cori about bullet holes.  They're not so flashy when their in flesh.  Of course, the idea is for people to see the cover and say WOW!, not wow.  The back cover is all mine.  In case you're wondering, there will not be a bloody knife this time.
We had our inventory this past Thursday.  In the past we were swarmed by RGIS counters.  This time?  Not so many.  Over the past two days we've discovered they missed things and had a number of the counts wrong.  I'm getting the distinct impression that our inventory is now being managed by logarithms down in Atlanta.  There doesn't really seem to be a need for humans to do a physical count.  What proof do I have?  Stores with low shrink are now only being inventoried every 2 years.
I guess the Idiot Jerk in the White House is going to be dropping his budget for the upcoming year on Tuesday.  No one is excited.  Someone on Bloomberg was saying it will land with a "resounding thud."  It will entail the country borrowing more  money to pay for nonessential shit.  You know?  The racist crap that gives his bases big boners.  This is how the Idiot Jerk strikes deals.  "You vote for me and I'll fluff up your white, racist hearts."  You all know what a Fluffer is, don't you?

More Flash

Above is some of the preliminary art work for the cover.


  1. congrats on the first draft! all the budget will say is WALL!

  2. He clearly has no idea about taxes, finances, deficits or spending, so his budget will be a shitshow.

    1. Which is why his financial 'empire' is strung together with bad debts, bad loans, and bankruptcies.

  3. Digital age dear? Speak for yourself. It took me about half an hour to change all my clocks and pendulum swingers this morning. Then had breakfast I was so bushed.

    I'm with the Dowager Countess. These days, these things that are to be modern convenience are more devices of torture.

  4. And I still must get your last book before the new one comes out.

  5. Congratulations on the first draft. I know that must be a feat to get done!

  6. Ha!
    I still go around updating the time in some clocks. I'm not totally digital.
    And you know Cheeto has no idea what a budget looks like. Some intern used Excel to create some graphics and he'll sign off on it. The trumpanzees will laud it as groundbreaking and the rest of the world will roll its eyes.
    Congrats on the first draft! I cannot imagine what editing is like. And proofreading! Whoa.