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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Okay, who cut the cheese.

Happy Tuesday morning people!  Now that yesterday's sleepfest is over, I'm raring to go!  Lots of shit planned for for today.
My appointment is set up for my 'consultation' regarding the mole.  June 4, is the soonest I can get in.  They are not too concerned about it, so neither am I.  As time goes on it looks less angry.  Still, I will have them remove it just to be on the safe side.
The gent doing my editing is giving me back pages which need correcting.  Holy Shit!  He is finding so many little... flaws.  He doesn't like my use of the word 'and.'  I, like it.  So, we had a bit of a discussion about my 'style,' and how 'and' helps define my 'style,' and how I like how those three letters join subjects, or phrases, or statements together.  Hence, the 'ands' are staying.
And I understand from AM and Bob that the Idiot Jerk put in an appearance at church this past Sunday.  That's what?  Three times since he's been president?  And I'm not counting that time he sat like a grumpy toad at the Bush funeral.  You know, when everyone looked at him as though he'd just cut the cheese?

Perhaps he went to church because he needed to take a break from his hate-filled Twitter storm.  I found the fact that he brought up the 'dossier' again rather telling.  My guess is that something in it must have been verified.  Even more telling was Megan McCain calling him pathetic.  Maybe she doesn't know that in regards to the Idiot Jerk, 'pathetic' is a minor compliment.
Since they're not going to be doing the 'mole' thing until June, I will be doing my Jury Duty on Monday.  The last time I didn't get picked and was only there for one day.  Hopefully the same thing will happen again this time.  This is Civil, not Criminal.  This means someone is suing someone else because they feel they are owed.  At least, that's what I think. 


  1. He just need to be put to bed finally. And make sure not to cut the cheese in jury duty.

  2. Replies
    1. I would never cut the cheese while in Jury Duty.

  3. Megan McCain's comments were priceless, and you are right, he is worse than pathetic.

    1. I was looking at some stats today and his approval rating among Evangelicals is even beginning to drop, from 78% to 69%. maybe they're starting realize they put Satan in the White House

  4. You know that Cheeto hates any man who’s accomplished. Because he’s trash.
    He’s desperate tweeting and doing stupid shit like going to church and then tweeting up a hateful storm means that something big is coming down the pipeline of investigations aimed at his fat ass.
    And hold on there with the editing. Bet is madness!


    1. Yeah, something big is coming, and it's not his fat ass.