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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Guns in the House of God

Well, this is my hump day.  That's right, many of you will be snoozing while I write this because for you... 'it's the weekend.'  My weekend is going to happen on Wednesday and Thursday.  Yippee!!
And I ordered the Warwick Rower's calendar for 2019 this morning.  I hope it's more colorful than last year's.  I had been going to order one of the 'red hot' calendars, but you need to use Paypal.  I don't have Paypal, and am not about to sign up just to buy a calendar. 
Yesterday was another dark day for America.
And once again the Idiot Jerk in the White House advocated Guns in the House of God.  He said the same thing after the mass killing at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas left 26 dead.  He wants us to put armed guards in the Houses of the Holy.  Having to do so shows the weakness of an All Powerful Deity.  We will need to use guns to protect ourselves because He will not.  He said the same thing again after the shootings in Charleston that left 9 dead.  Three mass shootings in three Houses of God in less than 2 years of his presidency and his response is always the same.  Guns are the answer.  Perhaps if the Republican party had not Sanctified the 2nd amendment this would not be a problem.  Unfortunately for the vast majority of Americans, this party will sanctify anything for a vote.
And then 9 hours after these people were killed... he went to a campaign rally.  This was not a speech in front of a select group of people.  This was a rally where people stomped their feet and cheered.  He could have toned the event down, use that time to show respect for those who had been shot and killed.  And he did say a few, choice subdued words at the beginning.  But then it turned into a rally.  This is how you get Republicans to go to the polls.  People died and he stood there damning Democrats.  And you can bet there were a lot of phony Christians in the crowd, and probably some White Supremacists too, and a couple Neo-Nazis, who really had no problems with the shootings.
This man makes Americans look ugly as his own sin.


  1. orange asstwat even said the people in the synagogue should have been packing their own heat. unfuckingbelieveable! who packs heat in a church? I H8 THESE GOPrick MUTHAFUCKAS!

  2. I am so tired of this good guy with a gun bullshit.
    Howsabout gun control to keep the guns from the crazies and the mentally ill and those with a history of violence.
    Howsabout some sense.

    1. They will say anything as long as the gun lobby is footing the bill.

  3. I don't recognize this ugly country I see on the news. It gets worse every day. Where will it all end?

    1. It will end once Republicans are put in their proper place.