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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Storming the Conservatives

For who don't know, sometime today Mike is going to slam into the panhandle of Florida.  Right now he's a category 4.  Will he be downgraded to a 3 or a 2?  There's a possibility, though not necessarily a probability.  The 2 a distinctly different.  As I was reading about the very serious, very dangerous storm, I thought I'd look at the map of Florida and see where exactly impact was going to be the most destructive.

For those who don't know, down in Florida they call that part of the state "The Little Riviera."  Money, you know?  Big money.  Big Conservative Money.  The kind of money that loves the Idiot Jerk in the White House because... well, as everybody knows, money begats money, begats money.  Just like in the old, old days when who begat who, and what begat what, was important.  Interesting.  Pondering this, I decided to probe a little deeper.  Maybe look at the election results for the 2016 decent into evil.  Holy Shit.

Looks as though Mike is aiming directly for those most Conservative of counties.  In fact, that whole coastline is solidly Republican.  Yes sir, that is Trumpland.  Sure, there is a democratic county north of the coastline, they will get a lot of wind and rain, however the brunt of Mike isn't going to hit them.  The real destruction will happen along the coastline... just in time for midterms.
I suspect this is what Blue Justice looks like.
Oh, and Nikki Haley resigned yesterday.  Could she be thinking of a presidential run in 2020?  I can't even begin to imagine the Republican blood bath is she does.


  1. Well, just expect Cheeto to send help as soon as those Repugs ask for it.

  2. That loser won't win. Did and of mine who are unfortunately republicans can't stand her. But if the area down there is shreddedfrom Mike, you can believe the ads will be taking care of them with relief right quick.

    Oh that's right, I forgot about the shipment of paper towels he sent to Puerto Rico.

    1. I want to see her start calling out he Idiot Jerk.

  3. That area is also known as the "Redneck Riviera." There will be additional repercussions with all the raining over the Carolinas when it tracks northeast.

    1. Yeah, I saw that, the Carolinas are going to get smacked again.

  4. Replies
    1. Well, if the storm surge doesn't get them, at least they might get a bath for