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Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Value of Threats

Another late day of blogging.  Well, it is a day off for me.  And it's sunny.  And I mowed my lawn yesterday which means I don't have to do it today.  Not that I don't have things to do.  In a bit I'm going to be planting the nectarine tree I bought by accident.  That's right.  The big tag on the branch said peach, however  after I got it home and looked at the little plastic tag I saw it was a nectarine.  Shit.  Of course, I eat both peaches, nectarines and plums... apricots are delicious, too.

Biggie investigates
I had breakfast with my brother this morning.  We talked about my book.  Paperback copies can now be ordered by clicking here.  I gave him the title of the next one.  In case you're wondering, writing can be addicting.  I also have the option of having it sold as an audio-book.  I'm debating that.  I don't know how people would react to hearing Bobby Tussel talk about his sloppy eggs.
Oh, and a funny thing is happening down in Washington.  The Senate has the FBI report on their investigation of Ford and Kavanaugh.  Amazing that they didn't talk to either one of them.  The Idiot Jerk in the White House said that was off limits.  Oh, and each senator can only look at this paper document for only one hour in a secure place because of its... confidentiality.  Adding to the chaos is the Idiot Jerk's rally in Mississippi, where, in front of an all-white crowd, he mocked Christine Blasey Ford.  My, the Chinese must be right, he does have a big brain....  Stop laughing!  Now!!  Do I need to bring out Sister Mary Elephant?

And, as I said, I had breakfast with my brother this morning.  Towards the end of the meal he brought of the 2020 presidential elections, asking who I thought would run from the Democrats.  I told him I thought it was too early to even speculate, that maybe after the midterms we might have a better idea.  He asked again, so I told him I thought possibly Elizabeth Warren might run.  He nodded, and  said, I could get behind her.....  Okay, do I need to threaten you with Sister Mary Elephant again?


  1. you don't wanna know how many sister mary elephants I had through all 16 years of catholic school.

    I have put your book on my wish list! :)

  2. Heh. The Idiot Jerk. And we all know the 'investigation' is a sham. They'll push him through. And Warren would be good. I wonder what Dem guys will run. Booker?


    1. Booker is my brother's nightmare candidate. Me? Here's a name from left field. I would be happy with Jerry Brown from California.

  3. I'd be happy with Booker or Brown...or Brown/Booker?

  4. I do like Warren, but my friend in Dem headquarters said she would never win.

    Meanwhile I meant to ask yesterday how long have you written and was that your first book?

    1. Your Dem friend is right.

      I've been writing for years, about 12 years ago I had some agents looking at another novel. They passed.