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Sunday, May 24, 2015

When Health Insurance gets it right

The first time The Arlington Group put through the claim for my back surgery it was denied, yesterday I received the results of their appeal.  Surprise, surprise, this time the claim was approved.  However, I'm getting a second opinion because of A) the initial denial, and B) things have so drastically improved since my initial visit to Dr. Kutz.  How drastically have things improved?  On my first visit I had no strength in my right leg and it was nearly impossible to lift my foot more than an inch off of the floor.  This morning I carried the walker I'd been using during the first month out to the car.  That's right, I carried it down three steps and across the lawn.  What makes this so totally ironic is that in the appeal, Dr. Kutz emphasized that I could not walk without the aid of a walker.

That's not true anymore.  What's even more important is that even though I'm not 100% back to where I was before I started falling down, I'd say that I'm at least 80% there.  Do I have arthritis in my lumbar region?  Most definitely.  Is it so bad I need to have 4 of my lumbar vertebrae fused together?  I suspect probably not.  Will I be back to work in a month?  I'd say most assuredly so.  
Now I know everybody complains about health insurance, how expensive it is and how it covers so little, but this time?  I think they got it right.  The fact that my Orthopedic Specialist  needed to enhance information on the appeal to my initial claim is not so good.  Is his diagnosis wrong?  I don't think so.  I do believe that when it came to treating my arthritis The Arlington Group tried to sell me a Gold Plated Cadillac when a simple Ford Focus would have done the trick.

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  1. You seemed to have scored a double victory here. First off, you've been able to win an appeal for your insurance claim. Second, your body has simply gotten better. At the very least, you have a lot of these to support you and to lift you up from here on out. It's really cool to have a solid and reasonable health plan on standby.

    Donnie White @ Good Health Quotes