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Friday, May 15, 2015

Avengers is good & the back fusion is bad

I received a call from Elaine at the Arlington Group this AM.  She told me it took her 4 days to get my voice mails because their phone system doesn't work...???  According to her my appeal is before the review board at Anthem Blue Cross and that, if it's approved, will be good for 6 months (which left me with ???).  Anyway, Anthem emailed me the criteria and (surprise, surprise) I don't meet it - no conservative treatment for 3 months prior to surgery.  When I told Elaine I no longer use the walker and only use a cane when I'm outside the house, she said "oh, really."  And when I told her I went to the movies last evening she said "oh, that's nice."

And I did go to the movies.  This is movie season, you know, and actually my biggest lament so far has been that I'm not going to get to see all of these really neat action movies on the big screen.  So, taking a cane with me just in case, I went with friends to see the new Avengers movie last night.

And I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I go to these movies to have fun, to be 12 years old again for a short time.  There are people out there who feel they need to analyze movies of this genre - I don't.  And I know there are people out there who are so caught up in the lore they find flaws - I'm not one of those, either.  I'm a buttered popcorn and soda man and the action on the screen doesn't jolt to a screeching halt I'm happy.  And I thought "The Age of Ultron" was a really, really good movie. 

The new Mad Max movie has just started.  I'm planning on going to see it next week. 

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