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Sunday, May 17, 2015

PT over surgery?

I finally heard from the Arlington Group on Friday regarding the copies of my MRI and my back X-rays.  Elaine told me she had just gotten my voice mails (left Tuesday and Wednesday) because their phone system was working improperly.  Right.  Even thought she was very pleasant, I could tell they were writing me off as a patient,  She said things like "if your insurance company approves the claim you have 6 months in which to have the surgery," and that my insurance company "is so difficult to work with."
My neighbor Karen, who is a claims processor for another insurance company, asked me what surgery the Arlington Group had planned.  After I told her she looked at me for quite a bit and then said "they're doing a 4 level fusion without getting a pre-auth?  Some thing's not right there."  I suspect she's correct, that someone dropped the ball at Arlington, or just did very shoddy work.
On 6/5 I go for my second opinion.  What I suspect this Orthopedic Specialist is going to say is that 5 weeks ago I traumatized the hell out of my lower back, the result of falling down so many times.  five weeks ago I couldn't lift my right foot more then 1 inch off the ground, that problem has completely gone away.  I couldn't go up or down stairs, now there's no problem as long as there is a banister.  I could only get around using a walker - today I only use a cane when I'm out in public.  I think my traumatized back is healing.

What do I think this new specialist will prescribe?  I suspect Physical Therapy and perhaps a steroid injection.  I am sure he's going to take a much more conservative approach to my lower back issues.  Hopefully I will be back at work in a month or so because sitting around is boring as hell.  And I don't mind exercising at all.  Jees, I have almost a full gym at my house, I would really like to start using the equipment again.


  1. I know the nhs has its faults but i think we ay have just a little less red tape

    1. I agree, but I suspect this red tape may end up saving me a lot of money.

    2. I agree, but I suspect this red tape may end up saving me a lot of money.