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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tick Me Off

Yes, it's that time of year again when those pesky, six-legged parasites want to play friendly with dogs.  Sometimes they really want to be friendly with you, too.  My neighbor says they are bad this year.  He tells me both he and his wife and their dogs have had problems with them.  As for myself, so far I've pulled 3 off of Seig and 1 off of Lilly.  Not one of them was feeding, they were all just sitting there looking a bit paralyzed.  I suspect this is because my dogs get their monthly treatments of Frontline.  As you might suspect, I show the ticks absolutely NO MERCY!

They have all been smashed and then flushed.  Since I use Frontline, they are both Flea free as well.  I use the topical formula.  The idea of feeding my dogs meat flavored chews which kills fleas and ticks tends to bother me a little bit.  It is, after all, giving them a monthly dose of poison.  Way back when my Vet told me about it I asked myself, would I rather eat the poison or put it on my skin.  Actually, it wasn't even much of a question.


  1. Frontline is shit... The george clooney vet says so, so i belive him.....advantage is the best treatment!

    1. I've used them both and the only difference is Frontline is more expensive.

  2. I use advocate as it protects from lungworm too. That's the Advantage one. Expensive though

  3. I had a coupon for the Frontline so I ended up going with that one.