I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Thursday, April 1, 2021


 Happy April First!  I don't do fool's jokes since I've always thought the jokes to be more about tricking people rather then fooling them.  Only the initiators seem to think their jokes are amusing.  And I have yet to meet a person on the receiving end who slapped their knee and roared with laughter.  Honestly, no one wants to be treated like a fool.

Yesterday was kind of boring at work.  I expect the same today since we have rain.  The forecast is for showers on and off, with temperatures hovering around 47 (F).  This is my hump day, no fooling.  After today I will have 3 consecutive days off.  I am anticipating those approaching hours.

Something has changed at work, however.  One of the managers picked a new radio station / playlist.  Mostly 80's music.  So now we're listening to ABC, The Eurythmics, Frankie Goes to Hollywood.  I have to chuckle whenever Frankie comes on.  I bought that double album, and I'll never forget my surprise at opening the jacket to find a giant penis inside.  That was rather bold and brave of Frankie, wasn't it?  Oh, wait, can I show this?  The blog's supposed to be rated PG 13?

Click to boldly embiggen

Well, I guess that was a bit of tomfoolery, now, wasn't it?  Actually, I don't know if the model's name was Tom or not, so tomfoolery might not be the correct word.

And Uncle Joe revealed his infrastructure plan yesterday followed by an almost ear shattering, collective shriek from Republicans.  They hate it when Americans are put first.  Most of them couldn't even give him a grudgingly nod of approval when he signaled out Amazon as paying no taxes.  You see, Republicans love their lie about trickle down economics and if we start taxing Amazon, we'll also start taxing other large corporations like AT &T.  Remember that big tax cut they gave AT &T?  Remember how AT&T made headlines by giving a meager portion of that back to employees?  Well, that gift only happened once.  Well, AT&T was one of those corporations still getting that nice tax break when Covid hit... and they started cutting jobs.  Believe me, there was no tomfoolery there.


  1. SD Governor Noem didn't even understand what infrastructure is ... pipes? What? She literally thinks it's roads.

    1. They didn't elect her for her intelligence.

  2. Ohhh I love that album! Now I'm going to have to hunt it down. Frankie was awesome, totally queer. And I love 80's music! Whomever it was who did that, leave them a note thanking them.
    Of course the Repugs screamed bloody murder. They were getting money on the side after all the 'favors' they dispensed during Cheeto's reign of fuckery. Trickle down economics my ass.


  3. Ahhh to listen to 1980s music again would be heaven!

    1. I get to hear it every day now. It was a decade when artists took chances with their music, now everything is so safe.