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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Carpet This

 Wednesday, March 31 - will the month go out like a lion or a lamb?  Well, rain is in the forecast, but not storms.  No hail or high winds are supposed to strike.  Do they even say things like that anymore?  Or is that is something we used to say back in my childhood? 

Yesterday was fine at work.  Hours were sketchy, but this is always the case here lately.  Spring hiring in in full force.  There will be lots of new faces.  Many of them will not be here two months from now.  Most of those who will leave will not be 'let go' because they were hired as temps.  Nope, a lot of them will simply stop showing up.  I should add that while many of the them are students, many of them are not. And neither race nor gender defines who is in this group.  They have never developed a work ethic and simply don't know any better.  These are the people who used to spend their lives working factory jobs, however, since there are so few factories now, they have moved to retail.  This is the way of the world.

I also had a customer ask me if we sold Camo Carpet...  Think about it for a second.  The answer is 'no.'  However, if you can buy if you are so inclined to camo your house.

The only thing missing is a MAGA hat stand

And what about Matty Gaetz and his 17 year old girlfriend?  He's claiming it's extortion, however the investigation was started over a year ago by the Justice Department.  And a GOP operative who flaunted his connections with Matty has already been charged with sex trafficking.  Ouchy!  And Matty's claiming he and the girl were just friends.  Of course, we all know Matty's an honorary member of the MAGA Hat Society.  Hhhhmm... I wonder what kind of carpet he has in his bedroom.


  1. apparently matty is bi, and is bitching that this investigation is a "witch hunt". also, there are doubts that matty "adopted" nestor (his "son") from cuba. this ought to be interesting.


    1. Yes, the speculation about Matty continues to mount.

  2. Poor Matt. Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.

  3. Hahahaha I was reading about Matt Goetz and I was cackling. His interview with Fucker Clarkson was HYSTERICAL. He also tried to get Clarkson to 'sympathize' with him because he's 'been in the same situation'. Clarkson was having none of it. It was glorious. Cheeto knew this. But Matty was defending him, so he let them breathe. Hope it's a juicy as the poolboy story.
    That room is not hideos. The carpet? Barf. But the bed and the ottoman are decent.
    And I can imagine the season hiring. Retail. It's a world in itself.


  4. Camo Carpet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Only in Central PA. Was he down from Perry Co, lol!!!!!

  5. I always felt if you were hired to do a job you stuck it out until the end, even if it was a short-term contract and you hated it. It never looks good to just walk out does it!

    1. There is that group who will never understand that