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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Cow Flatulence

 Today is my Friday.  My weekend begins tomorrow.  Piles of laundry are already stacked down the hallway, and one load is already in the washer.  Yippee!

There was a steady stream of customers at the flooring desk yesterday.  I had to remake a set of blinds for one customer who is... bad.  Supposedly, this person got a written estimate from the Lowe's up in Bloomsburg and someone at our store up in Bloomsburg promised to price match.  We never, ever price match special orders.  There are too many variables.  And this customer decided to buy her blinds at our store in Mechanicsburg because she lives here.  Bloomsburg is an hour and a half away.  Believe me, the lies flew thick and deep, but because one of our associates not only promised to price match, but called down to our store to insure we did so, we had to eat a large chunk of revenue.  This will never happen again.

And yesterday, I also received a query from a prospective Amazon customer about the Epson printer I bought.  Occasionally this will happen when you give a product a good review.  Some of the questions are pertinent, and some are just plain stupid.  Recently, I've begun sending back smartass answers to the dumb questions.  Yesterday's inquired whether the printer I purchased could fax.  Since being able to fax is a selling point, that feature will be listed in the description.  Epson isn't going to surprise you.  My response to the question:  read the description.  

Uncle Joe's giving a speech this evening.  I probably won't watch it.  So far, his approval rating hasn't taken a hit.  I understand the GOP is furious he hasn't given them a target.  And they're getting desperate.  The bit about taking away your hamburgers was... knee slapingly funny.  Evidently, New Zealand has been working on ways to make cow flatulence less damaging to the environment.  I respectfully suggest we try to find a similar solution for Republicans.


  1. I agree, RepublicQAnons are far more useless than bovine farts,

    1. And given the chance, they would destroy the environment for the sake of their Holy Dollar, and then say it was God's will.

  2. No, don't do what they did in New Zealand. I say sew their mouths and assholes shut. Their so full of shit, there bound to explode!!!!

    When I got my first jab yesterday I was saying how organized the vaccine communication has been as far as setting up, and being in a continue loop of reminders up to getting the vaccine. My nurse said it's been like night and day between the administrations. Gone are the days of the mile long lines, chaos, and dis-organization. I don't know how people can't see a difference with what Biden has done. When fatso left office, did we even have a million vaxxed yet? And why he never had it rolled out everywhere was beyond me. Biden did it quite quickly.

    Oh that's right. Trump didn't give a flying fig.

    1. Oh, they see a difference, and they hate it terribly.

  3. Hahaha oh, the Amazon reviews are a hoot.
    And I didn't know that special orders could be price-matched? That man wanted that woman off his hair.
    As for the manufactured 'scandals' the GQP has 'produced'? Stupid but annoying. Every day is some inane shit hitting the fan. Adn then a retraction.
    I need Uncle Joe's ratings to be higher. As in 60% approval. So Cheeto dies of a coronary.