I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Friday, April 16, 2021

The Egg Salad Sandwich

Hello, Friday, not that I'm excited.  Monday there will be a little excitement in my words; I'm off.

When I checked my sales yesterday, I was already past my goal.  One of my customers is putting hardwood throughout their upstairs.  Smart move.  I always tell people, if you have hardwood, hold onto it.  Think of it as an asset.  And contrary to what some may think, older hardwood is more valuable then younger hardwood, as long as it ages well.

We have veggie plants at the store.  I didn't get a chance to peruse them yesterday.  Since I'm off Monday I'll give them a gander Sunday before I leave for the day.

And some might consider this blasphemy, but I've bought myself a bread maker.  A Cuisinart.  There are those who find therapeutic value in kneading.  And I find nothing wrong with kneading.  I just think I'd like to knead a little less.

I am aiming to get a little  run / jog in this morning.  What will I watch?  Dunno.  Definitely something less crash inducing.

As I was eating an egg salad sandwich for breakfast (your stomach doesn't know what time it is), I realized that the next book, The Body in Repose, will be more atmospheric.  You might want to think of it as Eli and Max meet Kolchak.  I was going to show a clip of that TV series but realized it might imply supernatural shenanigans.  There aren't any.  So instead I thought I add this clip.  As people are getting vaccinated, things are beginning to open up.  This if from the Broadway version of "Frozen," performed in Sydney on March 29.  Sometimes we could all use a little Disney.

As for politics, I find it quite amusing to watch Republicans shit their pants, and they're doing that quite frequently, almost daily.  They're beginning to realize the real problem with have Loser #45 as president, every day Biden is feeding him and his lackeys cesspool salad.  As a result, they're growing more and more extreme.  Looks like someone has finally let the Cracker Jack Crazies out of the box.



  1. I find it funny, and telling, that in 2021 they are already beginning to line up for Thing #45 who hasn't even said he's running, and who may be a felon by 2024, which means they will all have to backtrack.

    1. And since is refusing to wear masks and get vaccinated, their numbers will slowly continue to decrease. The evolutionary tree has jigged while they jagged.

  2. YAYZ, you bought a breadmaker! please show it off and give us a review.

    sooner or later, my welbilt will up and die. I want to have other ideas in mind for its replacement. my first breadmaker was a sanyo; the welbilt I got for free (the neighbor didn't want it).

  3. Ohhh a breadmaker? That sounds yummy. Also, dangerous because if you like bread as much as I do, you'll have to add one daily mail to your bike ride.
    And the Repugs will all run for cover when Cheeto is found guilty of one or ten of the myriad things he's been accused of. I'm waiting for that. Really.


    1. I eat a lot of bread, you just need to work them damn calories off.