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Friday, December 11, 2020

Shit Ghost

 So, have everybody been working for the weekend?  If not, maybe a rather homoerotic video from a poufy hairband might get your gears going.

I will admit to having laughed since it's almost as embarrassing as my naked baby pictures.

One of the many nice things about getting the treadmill (which is not officially in it's destination city) is that it's giving me a good excuse to alleviate some space.  Today I'm getting rid of my keyboard, the stand, and the amp.  Tomorrow the weight bench goes.  An old table saw in the basement is going to go to my friend Justin, who's helping lug the 232 lb. box up my narrow staircase.  This is how it works.  You get a new piece and eliminate 4.  

Work is going fine.  I have some customer who have a sunken basement, down one step on each side, and they wanted to put laminate there.  Unfortunately, the way the both stairs project, laminate is not an option, so I spent sometime with them yesterday looking at other options.  Oh, and worked in Paint for an hour and a half.  We had an associate transfer and the scheduler never looked for associates who might cover those hours.  Actually, I didn't mind.  I like Paint.  

We also have a new timeclock that scans a QR code on our smart phones to let us punch-in.  Contactless.  You can still punch-in without a smartphone, but it is a very timely process and, as a result, there are a few who are not happy.

Oh, and have you seem how many ugly Republicans have jumped on board the Texas lawsuit?  The common consensus is that they're afraid of what his base might do to their political careers.  They don't understand that once the Idiot Jerk is gone, he's going to be gone, only to rise like some shit ghost to haunt their future political endeavors.  

Has anybody seen Ted Cruz?


  1. sounds like good changes are coming to your home. the von trapps will supervise the effort.

  2. Love how you're Marie Kondo-ing your living space. A treadmill is a nice add, especially for the cold months. I go for shorter runs in winter, because the weather is shite.
    Oh, the repugs are jumping as high as Cheeto is asking them to jump because they're spineless c*nts (sorry, c*nts). I hope they get smacked over the head. Hard.
    And Ted Cruz? Hahahaha
    And you had a table saw? And is Justin cute?


    1. And they're processing a $100 coupon on the treadmill because it went on sale the day after I bought it.

  3. Oh Loverboy! I did music at some point?

    I saw that news clip. The dump said he was taking names of the R's that don't show up. Can you say Dictator? It's a shame we can't somehow remove these assholes, besides voting them out. Because you know they will be useless when Biden takes over. I really feel sorry for their constituents. Or do I? Hell they voted them in, they get what they deserve.

    1. Some crazy rats are going back to the ship as it sinks.

  4. They are all embarrassing themselves and yet don't care as long as hair Furor doesn't Tweet mean things about them.

    1. They don't care, and when he's gone, so will they.