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Tuesday, October 31, 2017


So, it's Tuesday morning, my 3rd day off in a row, and I had breakfast with my brother... now I feel bloated.  My breakfasts are normally light:  cup of oatmeal, with nuts and dried cherries... that's it, however this morning I had an omelet, hash browns, and toast and now I feel like I should take a nap.
Anyway, our conversation stayed away from politics for the most part.  Like most social conservatives, I don't think his mind can even begin to grasp how bad things are going for the Idiot Jerk in the White House, for that to happen he might have to reexamine his core beliefs.
I ordered a new controller for my xbox one last week, my own color design, and it should be arriving today, as will the new tea pot.  Buying stuff is so much fun.
And the Idiot Jerk got the bad news about those indictments yesterday, my money says he knew ahead of time, however there was a third name, one George Papadopoulos, he may not have known about.  While the other two indictments are important, it's Georgie Boy who was the real shocker.  According to him, the Idiot Jerk's campaign new about the Clinton email hack long before the DNC knew it had been hacked.  Oops.  In response, the Idiot Jerk started singing his one hit wonder, that broken record on his ever shrinking base loves:  "Crooked Hillary."  This illustrates his two dimensional thinking.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised that no matter what you say to him, the first two words out of his mouth are going to be "Crooked Hillary."  Sounds like a good idea for a skit on SNL.
Yesterday was also the day when the Idiot Jerk and Melanoma stood under the portico and handed out candy to a line of children paraded in front of them.  She dressed up as a Trophy Wife and he dressed up as an asshole.
Finally, yesterday, while reading a blog I was surprised to see someone recommending the author use a 'nom de plume' in order to keep people from knowing his true identity.  Personally, I believe that if you want your blog to have any credibility, you need to identify yourself, not hide away.  Not that there aren't some places in the world where secreting yourself behind a fake avatar might be necessary, but not in this country.  Importance has a lot to do with transparency.


  1. Thanks, Dave, for this morning's laugh. Your comment re: goings on—on the portico—was a riot. :-)

  2. "She dressed up as a Trophy Wife and he dressed up as an asshole." - bwhahahahahaha!

    dump's twitter is going a-crazy today; guilty as sin he is! LOCK THEM UP!

    1. In other words... he's on a Twitter Train to Hell.

  3. A nap after breakfast should be the law.